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Since 1998, I have created thousands of neopagan and neoshamanic ritual tools, from pouches to jewelry to dance costumes and more, made from hides, bones, feathers, beads and other such things. Many of the technical designs, such as the braided belts for tails or the multiple sets of straps for full skin dance costumes, are my own unique designs that stem from my early experiments and have been further developed over time. I offer years of experience and finely-honed creativity in my work, and a strong spiritual component to my creations.

The majority of the animal parts and other components are secondhand or salvaged, either from old fur coats and the like, or discarded from the fur coat industry, or old jewelry and other found objects, though be aware there are some newer/not recycled remains incorporated in some projects as well. You are most welcome to ask me about the specific origins (secondhand, hunting/trapping, fur farming, etc/) of anything I make an expect and honest answer; I will not misrepresent something just to try to appear more eco-friendly or ethical. If you would like to source something with less environmental/etc. impact, I can do so to the best of my ability, though be aware there are limitations--animals that die in the wild, for example, very quickly become food for others, and so "natural death" remains are rare.

Everything made with animal parts, regardless of origin, is ritually purified, and offerings are made to the appropriate spirits; additionally, a portion of the proceeds goes to various environmental and animal-based nonprofits. This has been an integral part of my spiritual path for over a decade. (In fact, I've written an entire book on the spirituality associated with my work with animal parts, Skin Spirits--and yes, there's a listing for it here on my shop) Also, I AM NOT NATIVE AMERICAN NOR HAVE I EVER CLAIMED TO BE. I create art as a European mutt neopagan from the Midwest and currently ensconced in Cascadia. More information on legalities surrounding Native art may be found at

I can only ship animal parts and art made from animal parts in the U.S. I also follow current state restrictions on possession and sales to the best of my knowledge; buyers are responsible for knowing their state's restrictions; you can research US-relevant laws at

I am a licensed deer hide and antler dealer; in the state of Oregon, this license is necessary A) to sell deer hides and antlers (not as art), and B) to purchase deer hides and antlers, to include for the purpose of making them into art. You can find out more about legalities at

Custom work and layaway are also available!
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