About The Jersey Maid

The Jersey Maid convertible dresses are made from high-quality matte jersey satin fabric.

The dresses work well for just about any style of wedding - and best of all, for just about any body type!

My hope is that the convertible dresses will help to make your life as the bride (or bridesmaid) much easier during the search for the perfect bridesmaid dress!

The Jersey Maid dress is a great option for showcasing each bridesmaid's personal style while creating one uniform look.

Bridesmaid dresses you'll actually want to wear again...and again!

All photos shown in my shop are courtesy of real customers!
Erin Coleman
owner, maker, designer
My name is Erin, owner of The Jersey Maid!

This is the home to The Jersey Maid, where, along with my seamstress assistants, Jane and Lisa, we offer convertible bridesmaid dresses!

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