thejunkman's Shop Announcement

Folks say money can't buy you happiness, but I say it can buy junk, and when you think about it, that's kinda the same thing. The junkyard sells happiness

Maybe the junkyard, home of the original "thejunkman" has that special item you’ve always wanted. Just remember, it’s all good road and no bumps when you're headed to the junkyard. What started out as a way to get rid of junk, in my little workshop here at home, has turned into an addiction. I’m now consumed with finding unique and quirky things for the patrons of my ETSY shop. To be honest, some of the junk you’ll see here at my ETSY store, I didn’t even know what it was a couple of years ago. Now I enjoy ETSY so much no matter where I go I’m on the lookout for whatchamacallits and thingamajigs to list. Anyway, hopefully there’s someone out there that could use some of my junk to make something artsy, or functional for some useful purpose, or maybe just to display and admire.

Four things you should know about "the junk man":

1) the junk man only spent about 15 minutes at university, so please forgive the grammar and syntax errors

2) the junk man is not a professional photographer; his pictures are pretty much the best he can do. If you want to see professional pictures please go visit

3) the junk man is a capitalist and believes everyone has the right to buy his junk

4) the junk man’s favorite saying … “You can’t make sweet potato pie out of horse manure.”

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.