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WELCOME to Key of A® and SureShot™! You've landed in the right place if you are looking for either the widest selection of upcycled jewelry & accessories or the home to the largest selection of artistically designed shotgun & bullet casing jewelry you will find on Etsy.

Key of A® is home to SureShot™, the ONLY fully copyrighted shotgun and bullet casing collection in the United States. We are a step above all of the "run of the mill" bullet jewelry you see congesting the Etsy platform these days. Our designs were created and are original dating back to 2010. We take pride in being the inspiration for so many of the newer shops, but rest assured our quality and design standards, our craftsmanship and mechanics, make our jewelry and accessories stand out. Compare ours to any and you will see the differences! You can find select pieces from SureShot™ here in our Key of A Etsy shop or visit our awesome SureShot Jewelry website at to see the entire collection. You can go to our active Facebook page at to learn more and be "in the know" for the launch of the site, specials and other promotions.

Key of A® itself is an upcycled jewelry and accessory company that was founded in 2008 with a single typewriter and has blossomed into a smorgasbord of repurposed designs. We hand pick found objects and pieces that speak to our artistic vision and create styles that are wearable and fashion forward. Like we say in our listings, we've been upcycling everything but the kitchen sink since we started back in 2008.

Welcome and feel free to contact us with your special requests. We house thousands of unique trinkets, objects, and small antiquities as well as an enormous inventory of casings and calibers of shotgun shells, bullet and rifle casings that you will find on Etsy. We also use customer submitted components. Email us for more information.

Shop around and compare the width and breadth of our work...oh, and we're not scared to photograph and show you the back side of anything we produce as we are true artists and your jewelry and accessories should exude quality workmanship and be finished both front and back! That's what sets the artists from, well, everyone else out there!

Thanks for shopping with us!

A NOTE ABOUT OUR LISTINGS: All listings will default to First Class. Please purchase our "Priority Upgrade" listing if you would like to have your items shipped via Priority Mail. First Class is $4.95 and Priority is $8.00. You can click on the "Shipping & Policies" tab within any listing in any shop on Etsy to always see their stated processing and shipping times (with the exception of Holidays where our processing times will be stated in our Shop Announcement). Please use these when making your buying decisions. Also, please refer to our Shop Policies for more information on our Shipping policies:


Key of A® offers upcycled jewelry and accessories for everyone: tie tacks, lapel pins, money clips, cuff links and key chains for the men and all types of jewelry and accessories for the ladies. For the sportsman, hunter, or edgy recipient, Key of A® is the creator of the only shotgun casing jewelry and accessory collection of its kind in the US called SureShot™! We have many personalized designs using anagrams and typewriter keys. We also offer wonderful themed pieces for nurses, hunters, bankers, restauranteurs, and more. We also offer a wide range of railway buttons, fire department buttons and much more.

Have your own trinkets, keepsakes, small antiquities that you would like made into a special design? We do that too! Email us for more details.

Select pieces from SureShot™ is available here in our Etsy shop. We have the widest and highest quality, artisan crafted selection of shotgun and bullet casing jewelry and accessories you can find in the country, featuring items for both men and women. The complete body of work has been fully copyrighted by the US Copyright Office and the owner and creator of the collection has a patent pending for the manufacture of shotgun and bullet casings into jewelry applications.

SureShot designs have been gifted to celebrities Khloe Kardashian, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Georgia Pellegrini with select designs from this popular and ever growing collection. SureShot™ lined the celebrity gift bags at the 2012 Prime Time Emmy Awards as well as the Country Music Awards. Over 185 pieces of stylish, hip, country, biker, rocker, western, steampunk and more are rolled up into this fashion forward one of a kind collection called SureShot™!

If you need more information about Key of A® or want to see even more of the artisan made jewelry and accessories that we offer, visit our website at


If you are looking for the best in AUTHENTIC upcycled component jewelry and accessories - components such as typewriter keys, skeleton keys, pen nibs, optician lenses, pinbacks, salt shakers, piano keytops, bullet and shotgun casings, transit tokens and more - AND you want the most styles and artistic designs when it comes to ANY TYPE OF UPCYCLED JEWELRY, Key of A® has just the thing where authentic/vintage components and fashion forward thinking come together at the hand of Anne, owner and artisan for over 30 years, creating her own unique line of vintage inspired jewelry and accessories for both men and women.

Her designs are often copied, but never equaled here on Etsy, but know that her designs are her own, copyrighted and reflect her own vintage style. Having a background in art and design clearly shows in all of her work. She has knowledge of different metals, color families, textures, design mechanics, jewelry construction, etc., and everything she produces shows a high level of craftsmanship and it never has an unfinished look, front or back or otherwise compared to others that you see. She has the ability to take found objects and transform these through her mind's eye into new and fashion forward jewelry designs, giving these objects a new lease on life and in a totally new way!

When you want the best quality, best artistry, fashion forward designs with no hodge podge or reproductions, shop Key of A®. We are a green business, upcycling what we can, and properly recycling the rest. Authentic, Handcrafted, Made in the USA.


NOTE: Key of A® has been producing typewriter key jewelry for many years and many of the newer Etsy shops that are now creating this type of jewelry have picked up on many of our design ideas and have tried to duplicate our work. Again, they are copies, but do not equal our original work. Please know that these designs were created by Key of A®. We have the largest line of typewriter key jewelry and accessories out there to date and are adding new designs all the time! We strive to produce a variety of styles that are suitable for everyday wear and are of a nature that matches the era of the keys we utilize. We don't sacrifice these valuable keys by placing them in a cup and hanging them on a chain, nor do we create hodge podge mixes of keys like so many of the other guys. More importantly, beware of those that reproduce typewriter keys or open them up and replace the key legends. We do not! All of our keys are authentic and taken from antique typewriters that are no longer in service.

We offer consistency and wearability in all of our creations, with attention to detail and quality. We continue to offer new and interesting designs that will preserve these keys in a classy and upcycled way for years to come! Shop and compare - we know you'll return to our shop to make your purchases!

LEGAL NOTE regarding our SureShot™Jewelry collection. Our collection is registered with the US Copyright Office. Our manufacturing process for shotgun and bullet casings has been granted two patent pendings by the US Patent and Trademark Office. We will pursue and prosecute any infringers on Etsy that copy our designs to the full extent of the law.

LOOKING TO CARRY SURESHOT JEWELRY IN YOUR SHOP? If you are a retailer, gun or tactical shop, high end boutique or western wear shop, we are always looking for new retail partners. We have WHOLESALING OPPORTUNITIES available in several states to carry this exclusive collection. Please visit our SureShot™ website at and click on the "Become a Retailer" link at the top or bottom of the Home Page. A retailer application is available to fill out to start the process of opening an account with us. Just want to inquire? Please email us at wholesale [!at] for more information.

We are 36 year artisans and the quality and craftsmanship we provide reflects our skills. We care about your clothing, your ear lobes, your skin, and most of all we want your jewelry to display excellent workmanship, be finished aesthetically on both sides and of course be wearable "go-to" jewelry for many years to come. As artists we "design" jewelry with the casings, we don't simply purchase cheap zinc alloy pendants of any and all types and glue bullets and shotgun casing to them, calling them jewelry and worse, calling themselves artists!

SureShot uses only USA produced and plated components, only USA packaging, most of it recycled or organic and our leather is also produced right here in the US.


Thanks for visiting us and we hope you find something you like!

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thekeyofa's Shop Policies


We stand behind everything we make, so please do not hesitate to contact us if something is mechanically amiss as far as your purchase. We understand that sometimes a component may be defective or doesn't work as it should. We will correct such aspects! Regarding other returns and exchanges, please refer to our complete policies below before contacting us.



Reserved Listings and Custom Orders: Payment for custom made orders is required in full before the order can be created. Because of the nature of our components, we must have payment in order to reserve those components for use in the pieces that comprise your custom order. Our components are found and not mass produced, making them premium in nature and making inventory limited.


We ship throughout the United States, Canada and also Worldwide.

We do not ship daily, but your order will be processed and shipped within 3-4 business days with the exception of the holiday season, where we usually have a 5-7 day turnaround time. YOUR ORDER RECEIPT THAT YOU PRINT FROM THE SYSTEM INDICATES YOUR "DUE TO SHIP BY" DATE. IT IS IN BOLD AND ON THE RIGHT COLUMN OF THE RECEIPT. Two exceptions are custom orders which will have the production and shipping time stated in the individual Reserved Listings created by our shop for those orders and Holidays wherein we will post the current processing times for that particular holiday. If you have made a special request for certain brands of bullet casings or shotgun casings and our metal cuff bracelets which are made to order, this may affect our stated processing times.

BEFORE CONTACTING US with any shipping issues, PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDER RECEIPT FOR THE STATED "Due to Ship By" date indicated. If you purchased during the holiday season, please refer to our Shop Announcement for any exceptions to the "ship by" date stated on your Order Receipt. If you have already received a Shipping Notification email that contained your tracking information, please use the link in that email which will take you to the USPS website in order for you to track your package. We use to process all of our packages thus all of our packages are incorporated into the USPS system as soon as the post office takes possession of them and scans the barcode on your particular package. Also, please check the address you have entered in the Etsy system. This is the address we use to ship your purchases. We do not cancel or refund orders if your address was incorrect in the system at the time of shipment.

General turnaround times posted on the USPS site (holidays are exceptions):
First Class Mail thru USPS generally takes 3-5 days.
Priority Shipping generally takes 2-3 business days.
These shipping times are quoted directly from USPS: go to for more details on these shipping methods.


Our shipping costs stated on all listings are based on U.S. First Class mail at $4.95. Additional items you add to your cart from our shop will calculate at $1.30 each.

If you would like your item shipped faster, Priority Mail is available for an extra fee. For a single item we have a "Priority Upgrade Listing" available for purchase in our shop. Simply put this listing into your cart along with the item you are purchasing. For orders with 2 or more items, please email us PRIOR TO PURCHASING so we can adjust the shipping fees accordingly.

If you would like insurance on your item(s), it will be $1.85 extra on orders mailed throughout the United States. Insurance is provided through USPS. Value does play an issue with insurance costs, but we will let you know if the charge will be more than $1.85 at the time of your request and purchase amount. Again please contact us PRIOR to purchasing if you want your purchase insured.


At this time, we ship internationally via First Class International shipping. Note that there is no tracking number or insurance of any kind with this method of shipping. We will ship your package to the address you provided through Etsy within four days of your payment with the exception of a holiday where our processing time may extend to 7 days. PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DUTY OR CUSTOM CHARGES ASSESSED AT THE DESTINATION COUNTRY. THESE ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Most importantly, please realize that once your package leaves the United States, we do not have any control over it, thus we are not liable for loss, theft or non-delivery and will not issue refunds for these situations. Just the same, we will not be able to tell you an specifics about the whereabouts of your package once it leaves American soil.

All international shipments require a Customs Declaration Form. Note that because some countries can prohibit the shipping of jewelry, we declare the contents of your package as being "costume jewelry" and will list the value of your item(s)as well. Hopefully, this will avoid the possibility of your shipment being held up in Customs for any reason.


Note that we will not give refunds or cancellations for an order not received (i.e. "non-delivery"), if you have opted for First Class shipping or Priority Mail. We also do not refund or cancel for errors in your mailing address. Please make sure the address that you have entered into the Etsy system is free of misspellings, is current and is properly capitalized. We export these addresses as they are, we do not retype them. It is a good idea to check your Etsy account address and your Paypal address to make sure they are up to date before shopping on any online platform. If we do receive an order back to us for non-delivery due to incorrect address, insufficient address or incomplete addresses, we will be happy to reship your items out, but you will have to pay for the shipping cost. If you attempt to cancel the order or request a refund at that time, your order will be subject to a 50% restocking fee to cover our cost of handling your package. We do not refund for the original shipping cost. We also do not accept an order cancellation once your order has been put into processing. Our jewelry is handcrafted, not mass produced so we have production times and systems in place in order to expedite our orders in a timely manner for all of our customer orders at any time. Cancellations requested after the order is in processing are subject to a 15% restocking fee.


Note that we ship all of our jewelry in bubble packs so as not to damage the gift box(es) within. We uniquely mount all of our jewelry and accessories, wrap them in coordinating tissue, and enclose them in our branded gift boxes with jute tie. We have very strong branding, so our packaging is most attractive, ready for gift giving and secure for shipping within the bubble mailers. For the holidays, we use a coordinating holiday tissue paper in place of our normal solid tissue. Sorry, but we do not have enclosure cards at this time.


Although we do not utilize UPS or FEDEX, the USPS does offer Express Mail Service which is a 1-2 day turnaround to most locations throughout the US. Please contact us prior to purchasing if you need something via overnight service. We're happy to work with you to provide this faster service.

Refunds and Exchanges

Because of the nature of our handcrafted, and often one of a kind work, we do not generally issue refunds or exchanges. This includes requests for cancellation. You are purchasing artisan made jewelry with authentic, vintage, refound, or even hard to find and rare components, not mass produced goods from a big box retailer. We create each individual piece by hand thus we hope that you are shopping Etsy for these very reasons - to buy artisan made, handcrafted, made in the USA work and that you support this and embrace this. In buying from such a business, you are helping support small businesses in general and you appreciate the time, creativity, passion and labor that goes into every piece of jewelry we offer to you. You appreciate and respect these aspects as opposed to shopping a big retailer who purchases large quantities of mass produced jewelry at a discount, assembled in third world countries, with components that are reproduced thousands of times and cost pennies on the dollar to make, thus they can afford to take exchanges or take returns, because of their cheap labor and quantity purchases to supply their huge stores. We would rather you shop elsewhere if these are things that don't matter to you, but we would like to think that you shopped our store because you did care and you saw the "blood, sweat and tears" that went into our work to make something special for you to purchase, something unique, something artisan made and handcrafted right here in the United States. We thank you for shopping with us and supporting small businesses like ours, we really do!

As noted above in the Shipping Section, we do not give refunds or cancellations for non-delivery for any reason, if First Class shipping was the method utilized, whether domestic or international. Cancelling an order once we receive it back and make contact with you to arrange for reshipping will be subject to a 50% restocking fee.

If your purchase is made during the Christmas holiday season, please refer to our Shop Announcement for any specific information pertaining to processing times, cut off dates, shipping times, USPS schedules, and custom orders since the holiday season brings with it higher volumes of business to our shop and may affect our normal processing times, cut off dates, shipping times and custom orders.

Although we produce a quality product and confident in its construction, we understand that there may be circumstances that arise**. If something should happen in the first 7 days after you've received your item(s), please contact us with details of the issue. If your item(s) is damaged in shipment, again, immediately contact us and we can arrange for a replacement if the item cannot be repaired. We will work with you on a suitable solution to assure your satisfaction on these particular issues.

**Examples of circumstances that we will correct include but are not limited to: clasps do not work, hard to operate or break, wired beads become loose, jump ring is not tight. Other issues not listed will be determined on a case by case basis.

**Examples of circumstances that we cannot correct (refund or cancel): You thought the item was bigger or smaller, you decide it's the wrong color, it's heavier or lighter than you thought. or perhaps after receiving it, you decide you didn't like it. Please read below:

We do our best to describe our found objects with their sizes in our listing descriptions and through our photographs. We understand that you may not be familiar with certain found objects or components used in our designs. Some objects we feel speak for themselves in size, weight, height or width, but if you have any doubts or are not sure, please err on the side of contacting us right from the listing PRIOR to purchasing.

Any exceptions to the above regarding returns will be handled on a case by case basis through communication with you via email or phone. Any refunds or exchanges that have been arranged as exceptions to our stated policies above will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. We do not refund shipping charges for original purchase or your cost to return the item or items to us.

In addition, we do reserve the right to make substitutions of similar like/kind components where we feel that quality is an issue. Because our work is handcrafted and utilizes refound objects, we sometimes will re-evaluate or respond to customer feedback regarding a product and will research and replace the component with one of like/kind but of a higher quality. As a result, sometimes the photos may reflect the original component or finding until we can replace the photos with the modified look. As experienced artists, we will always make sure that the aesthetic of our work remains consistent. Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.

We can't stress enough that you read the listing descriptions in their entirety as most if not all of your questions can be found there. As a convenience, Etsy sets up the listings structure so you can simply click on the "Ask a Question" box located in all listing descriptions as a convenience. By emailing us from this location, Etsy will provide a link automatically in the email you send, making it more efficient for us to quickly communicate and help with your questions. Also, for convenience, all listing descriptions include a "Shipping & Policies" tab so you can click and read our processing and shipping fees/methods before making your purchasing decisions.

And again, we defer you to the top of this page regarding returns and exchanges. If you still have questions, please email us through the Etsy system, preferably from the Order Receipt so it will link your order and we can more efficiently respond. We do reserve the right to not accept any return.

Additional Policies and FAQs

You may contact us with special or custom orders, but please keep in mind that we utilize vintage and authentic components, many one of a kind, found, or limited in existence, and no longer produced, so our inventory can vary from week to week, meaning that a custom order could take longer to create depending on availability of components on hand at the time of your request. Be assured though, that we will try to accommodate your request if we are able. The exception is our SureShot Jewelry line for which we have several pieces integrated into our upcycled jewelry.

Last Updated January 28, 2015