thelandofka's Shop Announcement

Once upon a time a prince (K) came upon the land, and his parents rejoiced. The queen (his mommy) loved to buy precious outfits for her little man. Her sewing machine sat forlornly in a closet, gathering dust and hoping to be useful to the Queen once again.

Shortly afterwards (a mere 17 months) a princess (A) came to join their realm. The queen (a.k.a. stressed out mommy) observed that she wanted to be held all the time. Thus, the queen forsook sleep and made a Mei Tai baby carrier with silk, as the princess should have the best of all things. Her sewing machine rejoiced at being called to service the royal brood.

The Queen began to design and sew other fineries for her little princess (and occasionally, the prince). It became apparent that the princess had little need of all that was created, yet the Queen still had a desire to add beauty to the land.

In her love for all things beautiful, she continued to create.

You will find her offerings here.

The Queen has been sewing since she was a little girl, and has over 20 years of experience. She uses both a serger and her regular machine, and works to make certain the clothes she produces are of quality construction. You will find her creations have professionally finished seams and are made to be worn well, washed in a washer and dried in a dryer. The outfits can be used for both portraits and playing, as a child should be at home in their clothing and free to be themselves.

Each item has been designed and sewn by the Queen. If a pattern was used at all, it is usually just a piece or two for sizing. These are one-of-a-kind originals, and usually there isn’t sufficient fabric to make more than the one listed.

**Please forgive the lack of feedback...the Queen hopes to prove her worth in a small amount of time.