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little schremlin, big heart.

Hello there! My name is sarah; I make all of the items in the little schremlin store. My partner in crime and supervisor here at the studio is murphy, a.k.a. ‘the little schremlin’, who is of course is also the shop’s namesake. What is a schremlin, you ask? Well, in short, a schremlin is an adorable, furry little creature with a big heart and a wagging tail. That may sound somewhat like a small dog, but I can assure you that murphy is something very different.

I started my shop in December 2010 while I had two weeks with nothing to do. As I sat on my couch watching a Star Trek: TNG marathon with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders and a schremlin cuddled up in my lap, I realized something. I was not having as much fun and adventure as the crew of the Enterprise, and that needed to change. Without the aid of a cool vehicle like a space ship, blue box, or dragon, I had to make due with my car. I set out to the faraway land of Craft (read: into town to my favorite art supply store), and returned with...polymer clay. And I loved it.

So with that, I set up shop and began making polymer clay jewelry and figures with science fiction, food, and nature themes. I had a great time selling on Etsy and after a year started to participate in art shows and got accepted to my local artisan market. Over the years I've really gotten into paper arts and coppersmithing, and this year I've started adding items in those mediums to the shop. I absolutely love working with metal and paper and am really pleased with all the awesomely nerdy stuff I've been able to create.

I am truly enjoying the creative adventure I've been on for the past few years; I've always been an artist, but there is just something so much more rewarding about interacting with people who I have reached through the items I make. I love seeing or reading people’s reactions when they receive something from my little shop, and I always look forward to participating in fairs and festivals which are so exciting and fun. With that I have to say a big ‘thank you’ to all of my customers; without you, I wouldn't have my shop.


sarah + murphy

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Graphic designer by day, sculptor, metalsmith, and binder by night. Big fan of all things geek, british humor, our environment, and science of the fiction and non-fiction varieties.
the little schremlin