TheMadMilliner's Shop Announcement

All of my "art hats" use natural fibers be they, wool alpaca, silk or cashmere. Many of them also include acrylic fibers as accents. Each hat starts its life as a ball of yarn which after 8 to 12 hours of knitting it becomes an object that mildly resembles a small sleeping bag. (Hats start out about the size of three sweaters.) The next step is 8 or more hours of "felting" (A process of distressing the fibers until the scales inside them open and close around each other), followed by hours of steam setting, embellishing, and trimming. This results in the hat becoming a seamless piece of heirloom quality material.

I have been making hats since 2006. I love them because they are beautiful covers for your head that keep you warm and protected (I am always cold). I like to think of millinery work as labor; it takes me 20+ hours to get a hat from a ball of yarn using knitting, crochet, wet felting, dry felting, embroidery, etc.... That does not include the "idea time" it takes for me to figure out how to accomplish what I want or the MANY failed attempts at felting due to the fickle nature of the process.

Each hat has its own personality and flair, some are shocking, others sweet and all on some level enchanting.

I consider art an intimate peek into the mind of another person, a visual conversation that either inspires or confuses but none the less communicates to me about the person who created the piece. My hats not only convey something about myself but they "speak" about the people who wear them, not to mention they always cause a stir!