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Theme Fragrance / Etsy / is currently closed - Perfumes, perfume oils, beauty. If you need to reach us visit our website/all products - - seen in Fast Company, Bride's, American Salon, BeautyNewsNYC.

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Theme Fragrance / Etsy / is currently closed - Our website/all products - - seen in Fast Company, Bride's, American Salon, BeautyNewsNYC. Free sample w/ full size product purchase. New Candles for holiday in shop. Questions - please read here below and policies - we would love to answer every question but we are a one person shopshop! Our fragrances are unique and exclusive to the Theme brand! We wholesale - make your shop look great. Visit our other shop - Credit card payments thru Paypal are fast, easy and secure, and will be processed first. Direct checkout payments on request.

Please try our minis before purchasing full size products-
minis are not oil based except those specified. We ship immediately and you will receive a shipping email and tracking number.
We have crazy fast shipping, superb packaging and great customer service. All roll on perfumes and perfume sprays suitable for vegans. Italian Glass bottles are 5 ml or 1/6th ounce, with carrying case.
P-Free in a natural coconut oil base.

from Meg's
Theme Fragrance Sarong Perfume Roll-On.. What a concept.. Not a drop to be lost and wasted by clumsy hands! Watch it go on.. Put it wherever you want to smell wonderful and make anyone near you go bananas! It’s no wonder Brides Magazine has advertised it.. Men go wild over this stuff.. I still don’t know what it is, but every time I have this on.. watch out Lucy! The last time I was somewhere where ladies could be topless (not me though) was on a second honeymoon to the French Polynesians islands of, Bora Bora.There was always that amazing scent of vanilla and coconut in the air. Sarong perfume roll-on brings back those amazing memories. It reminded me of the evenings we’d be sitting out on our over the water bungalow patio gazing at the most amazing sky. I could still smell this in my minds eye.. Shut your eyes.. Luscious crème de coconut and awesome floral notes. Yummy! It makes me want to dig my feet into the white sand in my mind! I have no doubt that this is their best seller. It rolls on without being too oily or sticky. I love It’s adorable design, it also small enough to carry with you until you can make it back to your dream vacation place!

It could happen to Theme Fragrance creator, Elizabeth Morrison. This former full-time photographer sees herself as “an artist who creates with fragrance and visuals.” She wishes the celebrity fragrance trend would just go away, and also thinks “men should not be stuck with vetiver.” Like the Constantines, Morrison is in favor of a more personal approach to fragrance. She is also a foodie, and explains, “Being a foodie plays a big part of how I work – scents and flavors are all entwined.” She also finds inspiration from her world travels, as well as from her own Brooklyn backyard, where she cultivates flowers and bamboo.

Quirky, portable, and utterly adorable, Theme’s little roll-on oils have big personality. Amuse and Paisley too, are delicious gourmand creations, arriving chic and tassel-topped (hey oil…nice hat!). Amuse is a light-hearted confection of strawberry and vanilla that’s sweet, but not cloying – it lingers ultimately as a creamy, musky floral. Paisley too is a decadent chocolate-amber-patchouli delight (no, it’s not polite to nibble on your own arm while in public). Equally delicious are the sumptuous poette, a concoction of purple fig and berries that evokes a jewel-toned autumn; and the sparkling ayja, an effervescent floral with hints of spice and a slightly creamy edge. Prefer strolling on the wilder side? There’s olala, where ylang meets with resins and mingles with patchouli to make for one sexy, moody, and slightly naughty temptress. Still not striking a perfect match? Morrison has more Theme Fragrances, as well as a line of “modern-retro-vintage scents” called Melodie Perfumes.

With so many interesting, off-center fragrance options out there, surely there’s something just perfect for you. Why not discover that new scent – or even six – today?

That is, unless you’d rather just go on smelling “nice.”

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