Belly Binding Bengkung Wrap Postpartum by Tahtahme

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Belly Binding Bengkung Wrap Postpartum by Tahtahme

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Announcement   USE CODE: "MAMA2017" FOR $5 OFF valid through May 31, 2017.
Message me with any questions about choosing the right wrap for you! I am a certified doula and womb practitioner with knowledge in all aspects of belly binding.
**THREE More Wraps Until 1 Is Donated to Low Income Mothers! (read the FAQ for details!)**


Last updated on May 13, 2017

USE CODE: "MAMA2017" FOR $5 OFF valid through May 31, 2017.
Message me with any questions about choosing the right wrap for you! I am a certified doula and womb practitioner with knowledge in all aspects of belly binding.
**THREE More Wraps Until 1 Is Donated to Low Income Mothers! (read the FAQ for details!)**


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Passiondefleur on Jan 29, 2017

5 out of 5 stars

I had just previously learned about Diastasis Recti and binding, and needed a bit more info. After looking at a few shops here on Etsy, I decided to contact Tahtahme. She honestly answered all my questions and I felt confident to order the wrap. I was also given suggestions that would be helpful in conjunction with the binding. I ordered the purple batik - the color and pattern is so vibrant and gorgeous, plus the waist bead for keeping track is also beautiful. Thank you so much for your assistance and it was a pleasure shopping with you!!


Vibrant Batik fabric is a dream to work with! Each specialty fabric wrap comes with waistbeads, a traditional African way of femininity, beauty, and tracking inches gained or lost on the waist.


The Twins Changed Everything!

I could have never expected to be gifted with twins! Before pregnancy, I wouldn't have called myself an athlete, but I was fit enough, could work out and if something needed lifting, I could count on my body to do what needed to be done. After the weight of 13 lbs of babies, added with all the normal swelling and gains of any pregnancy, my body was pushed to limits I had never expected it would (or could). I was exhausted. I was weak. I had a csection, but it was my whole stomach that hurt, it ached if I even laid on my side. And I had a nagging suspicion that the triangle that formed on my stomach when I tried to sit up wasn't normal.

Even though the elders around me that I asked--from my mother, to my doulas, to the OBGYN--all urged me to "wait a year" and have patience with my body's right to heal and retract at the same pace it took to stretch and accommodate the pregnancy, I knew that I couldn't go on in pain just waiting, after I hit 3 months postpartum.

I began to research as much as I could, and was at first dismayed to see the $200+ price tag on modern postpartum wraps. I was therefore relieved when I learned about the ancient indigenous and tribal techniques of binding the womb postpartum, of "closing" a woman after her pregnancy has "opened" her, of bringing an ending note to this amazing chapter in a woman's life that so abruptly seems to end in American culture... I was hooked.

I have ancestry that is 50% indigenous and 50% tribal, but I could not find a woman who claimed to be either of these selling belly binding wraps, despite their distinct cultural past. I then went to the elders in my life, researched some more, and called upon my own inner intuition to make a belly binding wrap that I could use to bring my womb back into place and bring my rectus abdominis back together.

As I wore the wrap and reaped the benefits of better posture, of healing abs, of relieved pressure in the pelvis and womb area as my body regained the ability to hold itself in, and (best of all) my waist became smaller again, I knew I needed to make and share the same wrap with other women. I offer to you, through The Path of a Goddess by Tahtahme, belly binding wraps with your option of Batik, Ankara, or Kente fabric.

I include the waistbeads as a traditional, more accurate way to track your waist training and weight loss. <3 Ase


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    Hi, I'm Tahtahme! I am a 25 year old mother of twins, wife, doula and womb student and advocate! I have used belly binding wraps that I made to heal my own diastasis recti and hope to aid you in doing the same! Please feel free to ask me anything!

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Frequently asked questions

Is It Too Late For Me To Start?

You will find people who claim that belly binding has no evidence, or that it is a waste of time to do after the first 40 days postpartum. Due to my own experience and others I have witnessed, as well as thousands of years of indigenous historical evidence, I would say that is not true. I started binding at 3 months PP and saw drastic results, and other women begin several years and several babies later. They, too, experience positive results with their "mom tummy" (which is often undiagnosed diastasis recti). What you need to do for fitness might change depending on how recently you had a baby, but binding can still aid you on your journey!

What Size Is Best For Me?

The wraps come in 3 sizes. If you are ordering for a friend or yourself and you don't know sizing, your safest bet is to get a "One Size Fits Al".

Petite] 5'5" or shorter, typically wears a xs/s when not pregnant.

Small] is for a woman who has not gained very much weight this pregnancy, 5'8" or shorter, short torso, wears a medium and her body has not changed too drastically.

OSFA] One Size Fits All, best size for most women, for a huge pregnancy belly, baby is predicted to weigh 9+lbs, having multiples, healing mild to bad diastasis recti, women who want to wrap during pregnancy, taller women & long torso. This is the size for Waist Training and healing diastasis, if that is your purpose!

Contact me with further questions!

It Seems Like a Good Idea, But I Can't Afford One Right Now!

After the baby is born, all the attention shifts away from the mother. Don't forget you are not out of the "pregnancy" yet! There is much supporting evidence that how you take care of yourself postpartum (especially the first few months, but including all the time after) effects you and your health for the rest of your life! A small investment now can save you a world of pain and bills later. Not only is the ceremonial act of "closing" your body healing, but the physically it aids in postpartum womb care. This is a gift just for mom, but taking care of mom takes care of the whole family.

Can I Wrap After A C-Section?

Yes! I had a c-section with my daughter Kehinde, and was able to wear mine and still heal my diastasis. With a c-section one is usually urged to wait anywhere from a few days postpartum, to a few weeks, depending on what feels right for you and how your scar is healing. I did not start binding until 3 months postpartum, however many women start much, much sooner. 3-6 weeks postpartum appears to be the general rule, but as I have said, some women feel fine to begin binding after only a few days after this surgery and many others find it feels good to have the belly lifted off the incision, and also to have pressure on the incision! Everyone is different. Reading your own body signs are key to waist training.

Wholesale availability

For 20 or more wraps purchased at once, The wraps will be $2 less per wrap. for 50 or more, they are $4 off each wrap. Because I hand-make each one, this is the best I can do. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your needs for doula/midwife purposes, or belly binding business, or womb/ sister circles and postpartum events.

I Heard Something Goes To Charity?

Yes! For every 10 wraps sold, in either Batik, Kente, or Ankara fabric, 1 muslin wrap will be donated to low income mothers of doulas working at the Full Moon Family and Birthing Center in Santa Cruz, California! Your purchase gives the gift of healing to women who would otherwise not be able to afford this opportunity, and who need every cent they earn to care for their child. In this way, women can hold a hand out to each other in the name of sisterhood, as well as support birthing centers, a necessity for the modern birthing mama.

How is this different from modern waist trainers?

You can use this in the same way modern waist trainers are used. Of course (as with all fitness practices) proper use is key, so (just like with ANY corset/waist trainer/cincher) PATIENCE, diet, and exercise are key to optimal health, this is a tool to aid you. Cloth waist trainers are completely adjustable to your body shape and can be used regardless of how your weight fluctuates throughout pregnancies, moon cycles, and life. It is hand made and sewn to hold up! The cotton is much more breathable and healthier than the plastic and laytex on modern waist trainers. It is a beautiful, ancient technique of binding the stomach, aiding in improved posture, strengthening the core, repairing/strengthening the rectus abdominis, and more.

How Long Does It Take To Put On?

Not as long as you think! I will be honest, there IS a learning curve the first week or so. You may take 10-20 minutes to put it on and still not feel it is tightened to your satisfaction. Once you catch hang of it, you will be able to put it on in 5 minutes or less. This may still sound like a long time to you, so I will remind you that cloth belly binding is a spiritual practice in which you really meditate on how you are healing and bettering yourself--healing doesn't need to be a disconnected rush! Take the time to truly pay attention to your womb and wellness, and you will be overall much healthier for it! I also include tips for putting it on for optimal use in the instructions.

Why Don't You Have a Cheaper Fabric Option (Muslin)?

I have chosen not to offer muslin because the lower quality does not seem worth it to me, and my customers have run into trouble with it in the past. I consider the wrap to be an investment into ones feminine health, and prefer to give you one that will last you a long time, through pregnancies, menstruation cycles, loans, and generations.


I typically ship once a month, on the third weekend of the month...please let me know if you are cutting close to your child's born day, and the twins and I can make an extra walk out to the Post Office!