thepoisonsugar's Shop Announcement

Poison Sugar is a company that focuses on importing Japanese fabric to give you dresses and skirts with amazing fun prints that you just can't find here in the U.S.

Most clothing currently in my shop is considered lolita- a Japanese fashion trend- however they don't have to be worn that way. All items are photographed with a petticoat underneath, to show what the skirt or dress would look like as a lolita style. The puffy petti doesn't come with the skirt-just thought I'd clear that up.

You may notice some interesting price differences in skirts and dresses. This is due to material cost. If I find a great fabric on sale, I pass that on to my customers. If I spend quite a bit, that is passed on as well. So if a skirt or dress is priced higher than others, it means that the fabric is most likely imported and therefore cost more.

Clearance-last call, no returns. I won't be making these items again so grab them up.

Discount Shipping- When two clothing items or jewelry items are purchased together then the second item is half off the shipping. Any extra shipping cost is refunded to you.

*International Shipping* - If you are outside of the USA I have to wait until Saturday to mail your item. I'm sorry about this, but I can no longer get to the open post office on the weekdays. All i nternational shipping is mailed first class- if you would like different shipping please let me know before you purchase the item so I can offer that shipping to you.

Guarantee- all clothing is guaranteed for a year! If something happens to your dress/skirt or whatever- you can send it back to me for free fix ups. All you have to do is pay to ship it to me, I'll even pay to ship it back. Just a way to make you guys feel a little more comfortable with your purchase.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.