thequaquaverse's Shop Announcement

Hand made in; Melbourne, Australia, selling;

a wild range of couture cyber pixie new age hippy party festival rave modern fairy wear, for performance or for the circus of every day life!! Bring out your inner daring...expressive...playful :)~inspire life around you with form, movement, colour, texture, light and love~

My extraspecialties are always changing, with the whims of weather, and moods of coloured stricken tangents... at the moment it's cold and i desire cosy tactile fabrics and radiant warm colours! i also have an eco edge and my inner desire to use what already exists meanders through my work by using most often upcycled and reclaimed materials.

The Quaquaverse travels to markets and festivals all over Australia, and is still learning the language of the communicatory megaweb and how best be in a global sense. It's so exciting to be able to share passions for the alternative and the expressive all over the vvorld.

Every item of clothing is one-off and although a pattern may be used more than once, my source of materials, inspiration and tangentised creating will lead to your item having its own character, an unrepeatable voice for you to humm with. *however* if there is something that takes your fancy, flutters an eye or inspires creative thoughts send me an email or convo and together we may make something special just for you:

quaquaverse [!at]

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A note on the name: Quaquaversal (adj) pointing in every direction
thusforth, The Quaquaverse is an all encompassing choose-your-own-adventure universe that both reaches outwards and inwards simultaneously. It is both one and yet multiple. It gains strength and energy synergetically....creating a world where anything is possible! ....It also refers to my constant loosing of self in tangents, trains of thought, and bizarre projects. I look forward to bumping into you here :)