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To answer an oft heard inquiry from the usual suspects: Where are the books, Moron? Fear not, Readers. I am in the midst of a slight shop overhaul, where the focus (bad pun intended) has shifted towards photography & raising money for various animal charities. We love critters of all shapes, sizes, genus & species... and I know that you do, too. So please check out our Stamp Out Animal Cruelty photo series (Shop Section: Art for Charity) and help to support local & national organizations that care for those that cannot speak for themselves.

All of the post-production proceeds from sales of Art for Charity photographs go directly to said causes, and you'll get two things for ten dollars: that warm & fuzzy feeling from helping others, as well as a pretty sweet photograph that you & future generations can enjoy for many decades to come. Yep - they're high quality prints, and I can tinker with custom sizes and/or personalized details. You ask, I do. The best part? Buy just one item from thereink and you'll earn a lifetime 10% discount on any future item(s) in either of my stores. Who does that & why? Me... because I already like you, friend.

So let's do the math:

Nifty stuff + very reasonable (dare I say cheap) pricing + charitable contributions to great causes + a permanent discount on future purchases = You gotta buy something right now

Books will return to thereink very soon, and more unusual items are available through our other Etsy store - Tex Metroplex. Thanks for looking, please be kind to animals, and have a beautiful day.

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