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A life more magical for the inner elves, faeries, dwarves, wizards and witches in all of us. Art and tools to personalize the home and sacred space of magical folk will be found here.
The Spellling Bee exists in a wild and untamed place. Overgrown with Pines, Oak and Red Maple, it is at it's core untamed and is unchanging in it's changing. Thick and unruly sentries of Wax Myrtle and Palmetto spring miraculously of out nooks and crannies. Lacework mantles of Cherokee Roses, Wild Grape, Honeysuckle and Poison Ivy hang in cascades from every high spot. At times the air is filled with the heady scent of Swamp Bay and Yellow Jessamine. Herbs with romantic names such as Possom Haw, Toadflax and Milkwort burst forth from the patchwork carpet of wild lawn.
This wild world out here is spinning and alive with the sounds of Spring Peepers, Swallow Tailed Kites, and Great Blue Skimmers, as the ground shimmers with Anoles, Cowkillers, and Daring Jumping Spiders.
Oak, Sweet Gum, and the occasional piece of Wild Plum wood for wands and various other crafts are from this place and have been touched by the sun, moon, rain, and wind of years in this realm.
Cedars grow here, but not the kind suitable for crafting, so the Cedars come from elsewhere, but are crafted with the same love and care that the indiginous woods receive. We hope that this glimpse into the world of The Spellling Bee, (and The Brambles) will inspire you to take in a new view of your own "neck of the woods."
~Bright Blessings to you!
" A trunk full of magical, enchanting
things to brighten everyday, and give
imagination wings."

Photo Disclosure: We use as many photos as possible to give you a fair and accurate description of the art you are looking at. At times we have "clean up" (brighten/backlight etc., the photos so that the art might show through as close to the physical object as possible.) This is meant to give you as close to the physical experience of browsing our art as possible.

Thank you,
~Gabrielle and ~M.

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We feature handcrafted Wands, Athames, and Runes made of Woods such as Cedar and Oak. Original Art and Home Decor as well. If you would like more information on our wares, please convo us. New items will be arriving periodically, browse and enjoy.

Information on the care and upkeep of your handcrafted tool (Athames, Wands, Runes etc.)
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~~~~ ALLERGY INFORMATION: We are a tobacco free, cat friendly home. (Prone to smudging!) Peanuts, soybeans and dairy products are consumed in this home. ~~~~
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The items created for and sold in this shoppe are meant as Curios, we make no claims and they are for entertainment or decorative purposes only. By purchasing these items, your are stating responsibility for yourself and that you are of legal age (18 years +).

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