thestickman's Shop Announcement

WELCOME FRIENDS !Hope you all like my hand-made outdoor furniture and unique signs. If'n you like what you see drop us a line,and tell your friends. If'n you don't, Keep it to your self. I'd like you to know your buying a product made entirely out of sticks and twigs,nothing else but! Ever love-seat,swing,and chair is tested and inspected by Cuz.(cause hes a big feller,and he wiggles alot!) We guarantee ever piece is made by a ginuwine, Tennessee born Hillbilly. (or a close facsimile!) We can't say there wern't none of these sticks or twigs harmed in the making of these products, we can say they weren't many ! MARK THIS SITE, MORE PRODUCTS ARE IN THE RECHEARCH AN DEVELOPMENT DEPT. WE WILL BE ADDING THEM SOON AS CUZ SAYS WE CAN ! If you are a certie...fied faver...rite of the stickman you are entitled to a 10% Discount on all orders over $25.00 of signs, and 10% on each piece of furniture ordered. Does not include shipping,only orders.