soft pencil drawings in afternoon sunshine.
The bunny that started it all! Juno my beautiful rex rabbit.
A cute workplace is always important.
keeping inspiration close.
Collections of treasures in our home.

The Storybook Rabbit and Other Lovely Animal Friends

The Storybook Rabbit started when I bought home a tiny little black rabbit named Juno and started drawing bunnies. Lots of bunnies! When I met a very nice boy one day, I felt inspired to pair my love for all things vintage with my love for animals and started adding my illustrations to vintage plates. I began making little foresty scenes featuring hand-holding bunny couples, tiny flower crowned deers and even a fox or two. Wilfred the french bulldog joined our little family and then we adopted some rescue hens and now they all makes an appearance on my plates too. My themes often include love, happiness, friendship, family, big events and "meant to be" moments.
owner, maker, designer, Illustrator & Plate Maker
Twenty something living in Sydney with a rex rabbit named Juno (the original Storybook Rabbit), a french bulldog called Wilfred (the inspiration behind my vintage store