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The TextÎles Co is a resource company for designers looking for ethical or natural materials. We help you discover and explore beautiful and amazing materials for your ethical creations.

We are starting with handwoven textiles made from hand processed natural fibers. We will be expanding later on to other accessories and accents that may be of interest to ethical designers.

I'm Nola and I run this shop. Before moving to Europe, I was working with various indigenous communities in my home country and other countries in southeast Asia for many years, to organize local crafts enterprises and to market their traditional crafts locally and abroad. This work gave me the opportunity to see amazing landscapes, usually inaccessible, and to discover rich cultures and a resource of materials and skills and more importantly, it helped me nurture a trusting relationship with them. While I have moved to the other side of the world, I continue my commitment to the communities through this social enterprise.

Why are we ethical? Aside from running the business guided by Fair Trade Principles, supporting the communities' crafts making has environmental, social and cultural impacts.

ENVIRONMENTAL: As the communities consider the forests their homes, and their livelihoods depend on it, they ensure its protection and conservation. Crafts making make use of non-timber forest materials whose gathering has very low impact on the forest. Making this income source viable, further strengthens the community's links to the forest and prevents them from engaging in highly extractive industries such as logging, mining, etc. In case you wonder why forests in one country or region are relevant to the global community? Rainforests does not only regulate local climate but also that of the global. Studies show that deforestations in one region has impacts on other parts of the world. Rainforests also help in offsetting carbon production of most developed countries.
Finally, all these products are all handmade, therefore we can say that its production has low carbon footprint.

SOCIAL: The indigenous communities we work with are one of the most marginalized communities in the country. The livelihoods they earn from making crafts augment their household incomes that help them support their children through school, purchase medicine and other needs. On the side of consumers, the materials gives them the option to make use of natural products.

CULTURAL: Continuation of traditional crafts has become difficult as weavers, the youth leave their communities and crafts to do other manual labor in order to earn a living. Helping the communities see that they can earn from the practice of their craft support the continuation of their cultural practices and preserve the rich cultural diversity of humanity.

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