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The muse always thumps me on the head after midnight. When I finally crawl into bed, I dream of Nutella sandwiches.

Avatar features my kitty Ripley. Doesn't she look sweet? Ripley failed her fifth Anger Management Program - she hit the group leader with her iPod.

SAD UPDATE: Ripley hitched a ride to the Rainbow Bridge sporting a new four letter word tattoo.

HAPPY UPDATE: Frank the Twitch is our latest rescue baby cat. He looks like CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Designs appear on Annie's Attic and Patternfish online sites. Published works include "Poncho Panache", Crafts Magazine and Woman's Day. I have had way too much fun sharing fake food crafting techniques on Phoenix Channel 12 with the wonderful Kathy Cano-Murillo (Crafty Chica)and the Arizona Republic.

This is the home of the antsy artisan who likes to create quick and easy projects for intermediate or enthusiastic beginners. I have been creating and selling texture rich gauge free crochet patterns for years. Luscious texture is produced without having to use intimidating hook gymnastics. Most patterns are seamless and crocheted in rounds without slip stitches at end of each round. Patterns are written using American crochet terms. All patterns are different. Please check back often because new designs are always being hatched.

Research clearly shows the life enhancing benefits of playing with hooks. My bio reads: astronaut, neurosurgeon and crocodile wrestler. Yep, crocheting is good for you.

I humbly offer finished pieces created with the hands of an experienced and responsible artisan with a great deal of OCD. Each item has excellent material genes to withstand the test of time.

If you are or a loved one is undergoing hair loss challenges, please accept any one hat pattern in my shop as my get well gift. SPECIAL NOTE: This offer is only available to established Etsy members with at least one feedback rating. Offer is not available to new members with zero feedback. Complete purchase and submit payment so that Etsy receives fees. Payment will be refunded via PayPal. Kindly use the code word ANGEL in message to seller. Cyber hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery. Serious requests only please. Back waxing accidents do not qualify.

The talent on Etsy amazes and inspires me on a daily basis. Check out a beautiful shop called CBreezeDesigns owned by Christy - one great lady. Her gorgeous glass tumblers and other glass wonders are like little pieces of heaven. I'm a proud owner of some of these works of art. A special thank you to SeaDreamStudio for the awesome new banner - run, don't walk to her Etsy Shop. Last but not least, hugs to my gifted photographer Hannah for her incredible photos. You can find her at:

Projects are emailed in PDF format. If you are unable to open file or file reads as "damaged", no worries! Just download a free Adobe Reader or upgrade by linking onto:

Listings state whether item is pattern and not actual garment. Dear Friends, if I only charged $4.99 for an item that took hours to create plus cost of materials, shipping, PayPal and Etsy fees, my new address would be the license plate of my car.

Patterns can be instantly downloaded courtesy of Etsy. Patterns are not returnable due to nature of product.

Please use Google or visit your local library's craft section to instruct and inspire you. You Tube offers awesome visuals. One of my fav sites is: Art of Crochet by Teresa. Just link to: and type this title into search engine for instant happiness.

Patterns and garments are lab tested on grumpy relatives kept in well-ventilated cages. I am happy to give email support and would love to treat each one of you like only children but please remember that humans need to sleep at least two hours a night or will end up in the looney bin making weird things out of popsicle sticks.

Instructions or any parts thereof cannot be duplicated and touted as one's original pattern. This includes translations into other languages. The word "copy" is not to be confused with the word "inspiration". Here's a general example: buyer purchases a newsboy pattern. Buyer then proceeds to use it as a quickie template to create a slightly revised pattern and claims it as their own original pattern. This is a violation of copyright. Please do a Wikipedia search for the word "no" if this confuses you. Patterns and projects may not be distributed or resold to friends, family or cats with issues, .

In a heartfelt desire to share, please note that I will allow actual completed items to be sold unless otherwise indicated to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit and make a million bucks. If item is currently displayed in your shop, regardless of date pattern was purchased, would you kindly include the following wording in your listing:

Nutella Dreams Late Night Crafts

Many thanks to all of the gracious and gifted folks who have honored this request. Your completed versions of patterns are incredible! I receive many convos for completed items. Please know that I will happily link those courteous shops to potential buyers.

Please keep your eyes on the road and follow pattern directions exactly as written. Listings clearly indicate whether pattern is for beginner or intermediate beginner. If a crochet hook is as foreign to you as an iron or oven (excuse my projecting), pretty please do not purchase my patterns.

Projects require knowledge of crocheting in the round and experience reading patterns. If you ask nicely, I'm sure your cougar granny would love to teach you the art of crocheting after she's finished hitting the clubs.

I design hats for the average size head which is neither 3 inches around nor 400 inches around - unless you are the victim of a 14th century curse.

Please check your Spam folder for wayward files and contact me if patterns do not reach your addy within 24 hours. Missing documents may have been accidentally deleted after your dose of Ambien. If my body is in the midst of reincarnation, my husband's new wife will email files after she finishes her homework.

Files will be emailed to addy on invoice unless otherwise indicated.

Sellers get chomped on by a big bad buyer wolf in sheep's clothing from time to time. Buyers equally get hit with the occasional seller from the "Walking Dead". Please don't assume the pattern is wrong and was designed by someone in a strait jacket. Just convo me if you have a problem before leaving feedback and I will do anything except remove that stuff stuck in your shower drain to help.

Prices are crazy reasonable because I love the process of creating. I will combine shipping on multiple purchases to save you as much money as I can.

Have fun looking!

Ele aka thnkdfrent

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