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10 months

A custom for a lavender nursery! #giraffe #babynursery #nurserydecor

11 months

Custom order with corals and it! #wildernessnursery #baby #nurserydecor #threegirlies

1 year

I just LOVE this nursery design! This momma took the pops of teal out of the paintings and added it in her decor with the yellow! #nurserydecor #babygirl #babyart #babynursery #nurseryart

2 years

Finished some a custom design for the cutest #nurserydeco ! #navyorangenursery #broncosfan maybe?

2 years

Taking a big step today and signing a contract with a new boutique business. This piece I'm designing for my collection today gives me some inspiration!

2 years

Orange and navy being designed for a customer to match their #nursery #decor. Excited! It's coming together so nicely!

2 years

Antiquing and texturizing two new Woodland creatures to coordinate with my brown bear! Can't wait then to dry so I can add the stain and eyes! They are soooooooo cute!

2 years

Antiquing a new collage series of woodland animals to add to the shop section For Boys. My mind is exploding with ideas but with 3 kids and the hubs, there isn't enough hours in the day!

2 years

The jungle theme ooak #babyboynursery paintings are cute, but the under the sea paintings are turning out even better!