thunderbloke's Shop Announcement

This work is designed to make us aware of life and death; by making us aware of our own lifespan, and our own mortality, we should be inspired to use what precious time we have left to the full.

I make recycled toys out of paper and wire, as I like the way paper ages and decays to the touch, and eventually just leaves the wire as a skeleton. This is at odds with plastic toys, which do not decay and barely age. They defy nature and death, and give us a warped understanding of our place in the world. The objects I make will become old and frail and end up passed down as heirlooms, bearing all the marks that the previous owner has placed on them; whether they have drawn on, ripped or in other ways scarred them.

Some objects dance and move to simulate life, so that they occupy time as well as space, compounding the feeling that they are alive.

I will also be selling original prints, t-shirts and other interesting stuff on Etsy at some point, so please share, bookmark and visit often.