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This Pendleton® fabric told me it wanted to be a laptop cover!
Introducing my best friends, Janome and Juki!

Sew What?

My Grandmother, bless her soul taught me to sew at a very young age. She taught me to make newspaper patterns and let me pick a few fabrics from her scrap bag to make clothes for my Barbie's. I only wish she was still alive to see how far I have come. I love sewing more than anything. My favorite days are spent finding some quality fabric and letting it tell me what it wants to be! Some look forward to their retirement. Not me. As long as I have eyes to see and hands to work, I will be sewing up my ideas with the most beautiful fabrics I can find.
Ginny Vyvyan
owner, maker, designer, curator
I live in the northwoods of Wisconsin with my husband. Living in the woods close to the river is serene and beautiful. It is not unusual to see a great bald eagle flying overhead or a doe deer with her fawns eating my tulips.

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