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2 weeks

Three new pieces, all custom made, on their way to three different states! grin

2 weeks

Something I've never made before... a Christmas themed bead crochet rope! This one is already on its way to its new home with a favorite repeat customer. blushheart

4 months

A new Red Ribbon bracelet on its way to anew home today. grin

5 months

Come visit me on Facebook for my trunk show! grin

1 year

What's on my bead mat today... Beads for a new bracelet design. blush

2 years

A new design... Triangulation. Bracelet and pattern coming soon! smile

2 years

A new Carbon Steel bracelet on its way to a new home. blush

2 years

A new Patchwork Mine peyote bracelet, ready to begin its journey to its new home. blush

2 years

While my husband was building tables in the garage, I was beading this Crimson Fabric bracelet for a lovely repeat customer. :-)