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Announcement   By choosing to purchase a print or original piece of art, you are supporting conservation programs worldwide. 30% of each sale profits are donated to non-profit partners that protect and preserve wildlife!


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By choosing to purchase a print or original piece of art, you are supporting conservation programs worldwide. 30% of each sale profits are donated to non-profit partners that protect and preserve wildlife!

Tina Schofield

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Tina Schofield


using creativity to enhance life little by little.

I see myself as a simple artist who loves to create the things I like in my own way. Since I could pick up a pencil I was passionate about making my own artwork. Being self-taught gave me the advantage at an early age to be inspired by the things I loved about life and be able to depict them how I wanted to. Whether it was silly, beautiful, interesting, colorful, or fun, my drawings have always captured whatever caught my eye in my surroundings. Growing up in the suburbs of Bensalem, PA the only things that were interesting to me as a kid were my family and friends, the animals and things in nature, and my imagination. I loved pretending I was off on an adventure in another world, and spent my afternoons after school just sitting on the swing set outside my grandmother’s back yard taking the world in.

I have always been attracted to the bright colors and patterns around me, which back then included lots of Lisa Frank merchandise. Being a kid of the 90s I am a big fan of old Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network cartoons as well as the old Disney animations. Just as Beatrice Potter did with her storybooks and nursery rhymes I liked to draw my favorite characters/animals and put them in environments of my own that interested me. I remember drawing the inside of a mouse hole and making it look like a first class suite with cheese accents, a comfy couch, and fireplace with pictures of his family on the walls while the cat would waited patiently right outside. I also remember designing the “ultimate dog house” where the house was in the shape of a fire hydrant, and there were secret compartments and gadgets to make sure the dog had his own paradise. Adding a bit of humor to my cartoons was always a great way to express myself and have a little fun with life.

My other passion, if you haven’t guessed it already, is animals. I always had an animal around me growing up. Whether it was a fish, hamster, dog, rabbit, guinea pig, or a horse, my relationships with them inspired my work in some way. The lives of the animals I knew were interesting to me, which helped me think of little cartoon comic stories featuring my favorite critters. Back then I didn’t really like to draw people because I thought animals were more interesting. When I did draw people they were mostly caricatures which were influenced by the Blitz cartoons, but my main interest was animorphism.

Although art is a big part of my life I was also very active growing up. I was always playing some kind of sport or being a part of some kind of club or group. I’ve done gymnastics, swimming, figure skating, softball, field hockey, and horseback riding which probably explains my competitive edge and always striving to out-do myself when it came to my artwork. I was also a Girl Scout, 4-H member, a part of my grade school student council, art and multicultural club, and I took care of horses on the weekends at a local stable. I liked to compete in art shows in elementary and middle school, but I never wanted to take any extra art classes because I didn’t want other people trying to change my style or “show me how to draw” when I already knew. That way of thinking helped me hold onto my style and my own creative way of thinking when I got to high school. It also made art more fun for me. My high school art teacher understood this, and I have to say she was very patient with me and helped me refine my foundations very well, even when I gave her a hard time. By the time I got to college I already had my foundations down, and I knew more than anyone else in the room.

When I took my classes in community college up to when I went to SCAD I started to expand my horizons with different types of media including bronze sculpture& different acrylic gel mediums. I loved the environment of Savannah, GA. The small businesses, the town squares, the lovely spanish moss, rustic houses of the old south, and the cobblestone streets. There’s a magic atmosphere about that place. The town buzzes with creative individuals of all trades, students and non students, people just appreciate creativity there. SCAD really gave me the edge on how to think out of my comfort zone, and slowly helped me chisel my style into place. Being in Savannah was a big step for me personally too. I even learned how to belly dance! Living on my own felt like a brand new canvas, and it gave me the freedom to paint it however I wanted to. I also strongly believe SCAD is where I started to really appreciate the gift I've been given, and all the amazing opportunities that were ahead. I felt confident and inspired with the way of life I have chosen, and since then I've been ready to take it by the reins and run with it.

Now that I am out of school I hope to grow and expand my own freelance business and to do various types of illustration for print and other fun quirky things that bring light into the world. I also hope to visit new places, and to find my purpose....and I hope my artwork can take me there.


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  • Tina Schofield

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    Ever since I could pick up a pencil art has always been my passion and my way of bringing my ideas to life. My mission as an artist is to use my creativity and vision to bring beauty and unity into the world.

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*~Artist Statement~*
My mission as an artist is to use my creativity to help others value and love the world we live in. My artwork tends to be inspired by movies, things I am interested in, and especially different cultures from around the world. I love researching my subjects and learning more about them before I paint them. I always get so excited about the next piece, and I learn more with each project! It makes me feel good about my work. In the end I know more about it and I establish more of a connection with the people who are familiar with the subject. Watching others connect with the small details is fun, and seeing how excited they get when they receive the art really helps all my hard work pay off. It's one of my biggest dreams to be able to travel to different countries and experience the cultures I have researched for my projects, well... and to own my own horse. Being able to reach my goals and being given the happiness to make a difference in someone's life and space is why I'm on Etsy!

I use mixed media for my illustrations. I usually judge what to use on what kind of mood or effect I'm trying to make. I use graphite, Winsor & Newton watercolors, Lumiere acrylic paints, DecoArt acrylics, Liquitex acrylic gesso, Golden glass beads, Golden mixed fibers, DecoArt texture glass, workable spray fixative, and photoshop. I have a few pieces done in photoshop, but I mostly use it to do touchups for print.

Like with my materials, the technique is based on the kind of effect I'm trying to achieve. The first thing I do with all my art is research research research. I watch videos, documentaries, and surf the web to learn more about the subject. Once I'm confident I can talk about the subject to others I start making sketches. I pick my favorite thumbnail and make a final sketch. For the most part I like to draw out my line work, then scan it into photoshop and remove all scratches. I print out the line work and trace it onto a larger canvas (ie. illustration board, stretch canvas, bristol paper, or watercolor paper) while making any improvements. Next I spray it with workable fixative then layer watercolors/acrylics with gesso to create beautiful color combinations for the under painting. From then on I build up the painting until it's final. I scan it into photoshop and get rid of any scratches and voilà I have the final Illustration!!

*~ Items~*
I sell prints of my original Illustrations from my children's book, my previously made posters, and other original illustrations I have created. Each print is signed, numbered, and dated on the back.
All prints may be purchased with a check or credit card payment. In the future I might get a PayPal account and make that an option, but for now it's either check or debit/credit card.

I ship through UPS and go by their shipping deadlines.

*~Order Cancellation~*
If you decide to cancel your order, please do so within 24 hours. I like to get my orders out and on its way to the customer asap, so please shoot me an e-mail or give me a call to let me know so I won't process the order.
All prints are shipped in a rolled-lined packaging tube for ultimate protection against product damage.
Refunds and Exchanges
If a print happens to arrive damaged, please send me a clear photograph of the damaged image with a description to my e-mail at dulcey4 [!at] hotmail.com and I can send you a replacement with no charge.
Additional policies and FAQs
I love seeing how others value my work and how it impacts their space. It feels good knowing my hard work is appreciated, so please don't hesitate to send me feedback on how my artwork works in your space!! :)