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A Tiny Journey

Idle time drives me crazy, relaxing is not for me. This is how my shop was born. I started my journey on Etsy selling prints of my paintings, but I wasn't happy. I needed more. Jewelry has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember, and it satisfies my appetite for a more instant gratification. I started experimenting with jewelry making and learned about resin. It had potential and I felt like I could go places with it. In my typical, impulsive fashion I began running to craft stores every day after my then day job, buying supplies and getting ideas. I would come home and experiment with it every night until my logic got loud enough to force me into bed. I learned how to make some things out of silver and taught myself a few basic metalworking techniques. I had some visions. Soon enough, I came up with a few pieces which had something in common that I liked: simplicity and sparkle.

I'd never seen anything exactly like it before, so I started preparing more items until I had enough for a shop.

I never gave up, and eventually people started buying what I was selling. Now, I have more styles and colors than ever and know that it will only grow into an insanity inducing inventory. Tiny Galaxies is now my morning, day, and night job. That is okay though, I was never one for idle time.
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