tipiman's Shop Announcement

Hi I handmake native american style hand drums . I also make n/a style rattles, buckskin and deerskin dresses, jackets, leggins, custom made moccisans and much much more. I trace your foot to make your moccisins. Your mocs should fit only you and nobody else. For my drums I flesh and dehair the hides I use myself. I get my hides from a buffalo and elk farm. when they butcher I go and pick up the hides. I get my deer hides from them also. They are covered with mud, blood, and hair. I flesh and dehair them myself. I also make my own frames. They are made from cedar and they are joined like a barrel. I paint on some of my drums as I have been painting and drawing since I was a small kid.If you have something special you would like on a drum just let me know what it is and I will paint it for you. Thank you, Andy - Tipiman - Baxter