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The circle does not end. What you throw away gets repurposed and turned into a new and beautiful object. The next memory is born.

A focus of my approach to art is repurposing and recycling. Besides the obvious benefits to the environment, repurposing textiles, wood, metal, paper – even plastic grocery bags – allows individuals and groups to afford to create art. In the Mississippi Delta, the poorest region of the poorest state in the United States, lack of money for materials should not be a stumbling block to artistic expression. By utilizing recycled items, by repurposing materials, I make art available to anyone, regardless of their socio-economic status. I believe art is not only a “connector” for educational endeavors but also a conduit for human and community relationships. This shop is a in a constant state of flux, every week new ideas are morphed into signs, skirts, cards and hoodie tops. Keep checking it out. I change it up all the time.

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