Polymer Clay Beads and Polymer Clay Canes

Part of my booth set up at a show.
The clay corner of my studio space.

There Will Be Beads

It may seem odd that a shop specializing in handmade beads is run by someone who rarely wears jewellery. Like many bead enthusiasts, I make jewellery but I started that as a way to make crafts for local shows and as gifts. As a student, I was spending far too much on beads so I got the bright idea to make my own.

Polymer clay offered me the chance to create beads that were like the pictures I once doodled everywhere. Little flowers, quirky faces, birds and castles and monsters. And, because I'm a little obsessive, I made far more beads than I had any hope of using in five lifetimes.

Once I started exploring the world of crafts and polymer clay online I found that other people liked my beads and so Tooaquarius was born.

These days, I make and sell my canes (the designs on the beads), beads, buttons and finished jewellery and vessels on and offline. My kiddo and my partner help me when I can bribe them. All of the work I sell is handmade in my own studio by me or the people I mention here.
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I'm the Aquarian behind Tooaquarius. Most everything in the shop is something I dreamed up, squished, angsted over and eventually baked, loved and photographed. I'm a little obsessed with details from nature and stories.
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