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Welcome to toporko shop!
In our workshop each toy is unique and handmade of home-grown wood (cherry, walnut, elder, pine).
We turn this wood into amazing toys, some of which have sisal or coconut fiber details. All the toys have been sanded to silky smoothness and coated with organic flax oil to bring out the beauty of the wood.

A wooden toy requires more of a child in terms of imagination and creativity than an ordinary industrial toy does.We want to give children not just toys but nice memories as well.

That means more quality time, better learning skills and improvement of cognitive abilities. You can’t just turn on a switch on a wooden toy, you have to be involved in a play.

A child’s imagination is magnificent and it only takes a little encouragement to get it going.

All our toys are coated with edible flax oil, which brings out the beauty of the wood, accentuates the texture and adds that special touch.

Our every toy is special and unique.
Just as there are no two identical pieces of wood, there are no two identical toys.

★ Each toy is special, just like the child it was intended for★

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