trailsofthewest's Shop Announcement

Howdy and welcome to TRAILSOFTHEWEST. The holidays are upon us and you'll find a little bit of everything in my shop; Christmas ornaments, beach house décor, baking and holiday party goods - toys for the children. Go green, go retro!

My shop is a lot like me, eclectic and sometimes looking like I'm running amuck because of the large range of items from vintage home décor, mod planters, even vintage aprons. But I think I'm an old soul, and history means something. Things have a history, whether it be the apron you watched your Grandma wear as she baked cookies in the kitchen, or the old hand tool Dad used in the garage to fix things. They have a story, could be your story, but there is one there and sometimes it's just fun to imagine. And I don't think we want history to go away, if we did, old wouldn't be the new in thing. And if it was a fad, I don't think that antique shops would have been around for, well forever. We all have memories, and sometimes those memories are tied to the objects around us - don't let them go into a no mans land somewhere. Create your story - and hand it down, make history. And every once in while the craftiness gene comes out in me, when I see beautiful buttons or fabric (not that I sew but you all do), I know what someone else can do with it and want to share.