Handmade hipster pet accommodations

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Handmade hipster pet accommodations

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Announcement   Great for hipster pets, hipster pet owners, and owners of hipster pets.


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Great for hipster pets, hipster pet owners, and owners of hipster pets.

Tree Wise Pets

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Tree Wise Pets

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We created these refillable catnip toys with the hipster cat in mind. Bundle includes: a plaid shirt, a pair of jeans, and a cool backpack.
Each toy has a pocket to hold treats or catnip. Yurt and cats not included.
Now offering special edition animal shape covers!
These transform your yurt into a cute creature to match your furry friend.
Visit our shop to get this panda and other special edition covers.


Video summary: Shadow and Baymax thoroughly test all our products.

Tree Wise PETS began as a way to bring all the comforts of our full sized yurts to our furry friends.

Adventure living ... for pets!

It all began when we built a model of our full-sized yurt. Two curious cats, Shadow and Baymax, were immediately interested in the structure and soon claimed it as their own.

Thus Tree Wise PETS was founded with the intent to bring all the benefits of our human-sized living spaces to our furry friends.

We strive to keep these pet-sized accommodations in line with the company standards to produce quality structures that are versatile, efficient, functional, eco-friendly and customizable.

Each accommodation is conceptualized, designed and built by the humans at Tree Wise PETS. Each unit is also thoroughly inspected and approved by our four-legged testing team, lead by Shadow and Baymax.

Tree Wise PETS is a branch of Tree Wise Designs, a crafter of human sized tree houses, yurts and other unique living spaces. Tree Wise Designs creates, builds and installs accommodations in a variety of environments to offer adventure lodging with all the comforts of home.

Shop members

  • Reid

    Owner, Designer, Maker

    As owner and founder, Reid has years of experience building zip lines and full-sized adventure lodging such as tree houses and yurts. He decided to translate his designs for pets when he saw how enthusiastic the cats were about a model yurt.

  • Baymax

    Head Of Quality Assurance

    Baymax came from a no-kill shelter and loves to eat, drink from faucets and snuggle - always under his own terms. He likes to fit in tight spaces and loves all boxes. He is smart, but can be picky, which means he thoroughly inspects every product.

  • Shadow

    Lead Product Inspector

    Shadow was just a kitten when she was adopted from a no-kill shelter. She is very friendly and affectionate to anyone willing to pet her. She is still full of energy, despite severe allergies, and is always eager to test every product.

  • Stephanie

    Designer, Maker

    Stephanie started crafts as a kid, from scrapbooking to sewing to building. When the cats took over the model yurt, she was excited to use these skills again. She is also a photographer/film maker, though most of her phone is filled with cat pics.

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Frequently asked questions
What is a yurt?

A traditional yurt is a round tent-like structure used in nomadic cultures of Central Asia. These were strong structures that were easy to set up and take down.

Modern yurts are used for a variety of purposes including for festivals, camping, and year-round living.

Why get my pet a yurt?

COMFORT: These unique homes provide a cozy space for your pet to snuggle in. We initially created our yurts for cats, but other animals are sure to enjoy these unique pet homes.

STABILITY: Yurts are more structurally stable than other tent-like accommodations. The roof can withstand heavy loads, and they won't tip over as easily as tepees.

SPACE: Yurts have more usable space than tepees with the same base width. This means you can have a yurt that is smaller in both height and width.

Why are your yurts octagonal?

We started as a full-sized yurt design and build company. We made the sides flat to optimize usable interior space and make framing easier. When we decided to build yurts for pets, we kept our signature octagonal design.

Custom and personalized orders

We design and build all of our products, and we would love to help you create a unique item that fits your needs. Feel free to message us on Etsy or e-mail us.

Where are you located?

Our company is based in Fargo, ND. We design, create and ship all of our products from our workshop in Colorado.