trindleman's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop. I make Trindles (TM), among other things. My trindles can be found locally at The Whole Nine Yarns, in Woodstock, GA, and if you are going to a fiber festival, look for Gale Evans' booth (Gale's Art hand-dyed rovings); she has been known to stock a trindle or two. Kate Chiocchio with Dragonfly Fibers also takes them with her when she travels.

MOMI IS IN Respect The Spindle, by Abby Franquemont!! (see page 28) Strangely enough, I had no idea it was happening. Including the Yarn Harlot's blog, Spinoff Fall 2009 and Respect The Spindle, that makes four major mentions in six months. No wonder I am having trouble keeping this website stocked...

The shafts we are showcasing include padauk, cocobolo, birch, rosewood, mahogany, purpleheart and ipe. I also make microtrindles out of carbon fiber, which only weigh about 2 or 3 grams. Regular shafts with hubs weigh between six and seven grams, unless listed otherwise. Beads vary by availability, and are in glass, ceramic, metal, wood, coral, fossil ivory, and semi-precious stone. If you see a bead you love, GET IT, because it may not come around again.

Trindles are heavily perimeter weighted, so they will spin a long, long time without the clumsy weight of a comparably spinning traditional disc spindle (actually, there aren't any comparably spinning traditional spindles). If you don't see something you like, convo me and I will be happy to customize one for you. I can even make them out of your beads, if you have some special ones in mind (I will need three of the same weight).

I have decided to use a different material for the hub, where the arms attach to the shaft: neoprene. Not only is it lighter, more flexible and stronger, it has made gluing unnecessary. So far the trindles I have made with this are surviving nicely, which is very encouraging. Repairs will be easier, and there should be fewer repairs in the long run, which means more spinning time! The price of the neoprene is about triple what the birch costs, but I will not be passing this cost on.

This has had huge ramifications for trindles. Because the neoprene holds the arms so tightly to the shaft, I don't have to glue them, and as a result, YOU CAN REMOVE THE ARMS AND SWITCH THEM AROUND IF YOU WANT TO!!! In other words, with a single shaft and multiple sets of arms, you can do all of your spinning, from cobweb-weight to bulky singles. You don't need to buy a new trindle, you just need to find the arms or the shaft that suit your needs. I have priced the arms and shafts separately, but made the arm sets affordable. To get a complete trindle, just pick the shaft you want and get a set of arms that suits your spinning style. The arms come pre-balanced so all you have to do is push them in and your trindle will spin true. As far as I know, this is the only drop spindle that will allow this level of customization.

Also, after getting feedback from some 5G users, I would recommend two things: store them with the arms off in a secure place so you don't have one go missing, or regularly give them a twist and re-seat them so they don't detach unexpectedly.

Regarding the woods I am offering: I am using only responsibly managed wood from certified forests - I have stopped using the wood I had that did not meet that criteria.

My Trindles(tm) have a lifetime warranty: if one ever breaks or fails for any reason, simply return it to me for repair or replacement, no questions asked, at no charge to you. I reserve the right to determine which option will be selected.

Also, because I actually have a day job (I teach science in a georgia high school) I will only be able to work on filling orders on the weekends - except during the summer. Expect your order to be shipped no earlier than the Monday after I get it. In most cases, this will be no more than two weeks - if it takes longer, I am likely to contact you and let you know why.

Thanks for all who were patient enough to wait for the shop to be updated. It has been (and continues to be) one heck of a year.


UPDATE 8/29/14 - All shafts and arms sets are SOLD SEPARATELY unless otherwise noted in the description. We photograph them together so you may see how they look.
Thank you,

- Catherine & Jeremy

Update on arm weights

Heavy ( 15 grams + )
Medium ( 11 - 14 grams)
Light ( 6 -10 grams )
Lace ( 3 - 5 grams)
Fly ( < 3 grams)