TrinityRS' Shop Announcement

The Paper Garden is your shop for hand made origami roses. These special roses are custom designed with you in mind, and are as beautiful as real roses yet have an unique touch to them.

Check for store news!! Updated (almost) daily!

About Rose Designs
The measurements of the rose depend on the size of paper you choose. Please refer to the guide below for paper size/rose measurements.

Paper size: 9.5" x 9.5" yields a 3" diameter rose (large)
Paper size: 7" x 7" yields a 2" diameter rose
Paper size: 6" x 6" yields a 1.5" diameter rose (regular size)
Paper size: 4.6" x 4.6" yields a 1.18" diameter rose
Paper size: 3" x 3" yields a 1" diameter rose (slightly less - closer to 0.88")
Paper size: 2" x 2" yields a 1cm diameter rose.

Please note that the Kawasaki roses are originally modelled and designed by origami theorist Toshikazu Kawasaki.

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