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Here you get in to my world full of colors.
One little look inside the kaleidoscope, and you are in a completely different world.
one can sink for long meditative contemplation into the kaleidoscope, and sail into a world of colorful calm motion.
That is when you filled with happiness.

The kaleidoscope offers you an immediate transition into a world full of colour and beauty. Moreover, it aides in the development of imagination and creativity, has a calming effect and eases meditation and is used by artists and designers as a source of inspiration.

The range includes traditional wheel kaleidoscopes, oil kaleidoscopes and teleidoscopes in a wide range of sizes.
All the range is made out of high quality materials – polished brass for the tubes, high grade optical mirrors, agate stones and coloured crystal glass beads form the object chamber.

My kaleidoscopes suit all ages and pockets. These include mini kaleidoscopes and teleidoscopes that can be used as pendants on key chains and necklaces and also large table top conversation pieces.

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