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Trash to Treasure creates thrifty couture handbags and accessories.

I come from a long line of "tinkerers" and my need to rework and re-invent hit a fever pitch during a blizzard a few years ago that left us stranded in the house for days. When we were finally able to dig ourselves out, I had reworked several itchy wooly sweaters that I loved and couldn't bear to part with (but also couldn't bear to wear) into great "go-with-everything" handbags and the little idea that had been germinating in my brain for a while, Trash to Treasure, took root.

I began to refashion friends sweaters, dresses, bits of vintage fabrics that I'd collected into different types of bags and embellishments, feeling that everything has a story, and when you can weave it all together and give it a new life, its story is somehow given a new chapter. One of my favorite custom bags was made from a child's favorite dress, long outgrown but forever full of memories.

The fabric rosettes I had initially affixed to the sweater bags were the inspiration for my candle and coffee cozies, two things that I love and that I found lend themselves easily to accessorizing. The beauty of working with reclaimed fabrics is that no matter how much or how little, you can still add a touch of meaning and history to either what you wear or keep in your home.

I've since began incorporating new fabrics with vintage ones in order to be able to be able to make a favorite bag over and over again.

My business has allowed me to meet some wonderful people; I have seen the joy of recognition of a loved piece of fabric or stitching fashioned into something that can be enjoyed by a whole different generation and most importantly, look at things from every angle..things are often lovelier than they appear.

Thanks for stopping in to Trash to Treasure, I hope you stay awhile and come back often.

owner, designer, maker
I have a deep and enduring love affair with yesteryear. The smell of mothballs and dusty attics quickens my pulse and I think Scarlett O'Hara had the right idea with that drapery dress. Thrifty and uniquely YOU, that's Trash to Treasure.