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turntabletimepieces' Shop Announcement


At long last, after a near-eternity of re-calibrating the tools, re-testing in The Laboratory, and re-researching the collective knowledge, The Scientists have emerged from behind their Bunsen burners and closed doors to make an official proclamation: Music does, indeed, rock.

Finally, all the man-hours wasted debating Music’s ability to own your face can be reclaimed in the name of productivity. Reopen the factory doors, Industry; America is ready to get back to work.

But, with this decree, a problem now presents itself: How do you identify yourself as being pro-Music (or “prosic”, if you will [Oh, you won’t? Fine! Be that way!])? You could read Pitchfork and then proceed to further desecrate the corpse of the literary device known as “The Irony.” Or you could go down to your local shopping mall center and purchase a brand-new poster of Bob Marley igniting his illicit cigarette while referring to that Jah fellow. Or you could be tattooed with the name of a band on the verge of making it big, only to fail to live up to their own hype (thanks, Chumbawumba).

The Scientists advise you do none of these.

Rather, they suggest that Music fans (or “mufans”—[No? Seriously? You’re not even gonna throw me a bone here? Thanks. Thanks for nothing]) visit a reputable retailer and procure a vinyl chronometer, or record clock, to display in your home, place of employment, camper, or RV. Visitors will have no choice but to gaze upon your new purchase in amazement and utter, “What time does that say?” because they never learned to read an analog clock, while smarter friends will profoundly retort, “Yeah, music… I can dig it.”

And, really, what else can you say?


Find clocks made from:

*Colored vinyl
**Plain vinyl
***Vinyl with bands you recognize
****Vinyl without

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Drop us a line and The Scientists will return to The Laboratory and get to work.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.