twistedtreestudio's Shop Announcement

Quivers, leather purses of elk, moose and bison, bracers, wallets, billfolds, messenger and medicine bags, pouch purses, etc. Our pieces are natural, rugged, sexy, and absolutely one of a kind.

They are part woodland, part wild mountain breeze; and they celebrate our own human, primal, rugged, rough around the edges nature, and showcase sort of a raw sexuality and mystery and ....honesty to our work. Welcome to the tree!

We hope you enjoy our varied selection of leather creations and custom designs for accessing your inner barbarian, goddess, or warrior and for general inspiration.

Please note: our bags are absolutely, unreproducibly, one of a kind. Fact. The tooling designs and other artwork are my own. And we use all natural edges on our purses- you can't buy the same hide twice, right? Nor are any two stones the same. The point is, you can never be sure when we will use (or have available to us) a particular color of leather or style or design again. SO, if you see something you love, snatch it up!

Please climb around in our branches...
and check out our shop policies if you are considering a purchase.
Thanks for shopping in the tree!

***PLEASE leave us feedback!! Or send it to us privately - we want to know that you got it and love it or we will make sure you are happy, guaranteed!!***

last thing:
Jen's shop (the writer of this site, leather apprentice, muralist, and all around good chick): it's named littlewisdoms ~ It carries hand painted profundities wall signs and YOU should visit it.
check it out! I can also make walls vanish and reappear in another realm. Please see my murals in the open your walls section link on the sidebar above-->

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.