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I have loved to make dolls since I was a child. I would use anything I could think of from cardboard tubes to my sewing machine. When I would be stuck in bed sick my bed would look like a mini craft room. Material, scissors, beads, and strings would be laid out across my many stuffed animals and pillows. Some of these dolls would be given special places of their own in my room. Each doll took on a personality and was loved dearly. Now, as an adult, I am enjoying sharing my dolls with others through 2 the Max.
I never seem to start a doll the same way. Sometimes I will sit down and paint faces for hours. Other times I get inspired to decorate a body. Every once in a while I will end up walking around with nothing more than a button in my hand as I look for items to compliment it. I’m always looking for wood spools, buttons of all types, unusual ribbons or material to give each doll that feeling of being their own little person. By the time a doll is done they have developed their own personality and story.
My family has been a big support system. My mother will often bring me bits and pieces that she finds at the store or garage sale. She gets just as excited as I do when we find the perfect piece to compliment a dolls outfit. We become little girls when out shopping together. The dolls start to form before paint or glue is ever touched.
Then there is my sister, Shelly, has also been a driving force for my shop. One day I went to my sister’s house to see a jar of buttons her and my mother found at a garage sale. I was thinking the lucky girl had found a mason jar full. No! It was a huge glass jar the size and shape of a pumpkin. I immediately sat down and started “claiming” buttons while she laughed in the background. She continued to support me by being the first one to purchase a doll from 2 the Max, a ballerina all dressed in purple for a little girls 4th birthday. She then had me custom make 5 dolls to give as end of the year teacher gifts for her children.
Then of course there is her daughter, my beautiful niece, Cate. Cate became the inspiration for the spool dolls. I wanted an unusual gift for her and started making a set of little spool dolls. She loved them. Her little 3 year old hands took each doll off the small custom painted purple spool holder before she began to put them back in their own little spot. I love to take my newest creations over and watch her face as she examines them. She now has a collection of 15 dolls that her friends and she play with.
Everyone in my family got excited when I finally opened 2 the Max. My husband let me take over the dining room and gave me a weekly budget to pour into my new business. (The budget may have had more to do with keeping us from going broke than supporting my shop.) Two of my aunts and my mother-in-law dug out all their old wooden spools to donate.
Now I am working out of our spare room. I have pieces lying across every surface, tubs overflowing with ribbons, and jars lining the shelves. The mess works for me. I can never find what I’m looking for when it’s where it should be.
Sarah Taylor
owner, maker, designer, Artist
I create for the shear joy of watching things come to life. Now I have found a way to bring a smile to everyone.
Scott Taylor

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