twotrees' Shop Announcement

***My shop will be closed through the remainder of the holiday season. All orders placed prior to today, Wednesday 12/9 that have not yet shipped will be shipped tomorrow 12/10. Many thanks for your kind support of my little shop!

Warmest wishes this holiday season, and for the new year too!

Hello, and Welcome!

I am a West Coast transplant, living happily in upstate New York with my sweetheart, C and our dream-of-a-dog, Ollie. I believes in simplicity, in living a life that is full of purpose, kindness, growth and love for the earth and each other.

In wanting to encourage a thoughtful embrace of the world we live in, I use as many organic and recycled materials as possible. Each piece is made by hand, by me with a love and care that embody the wish I have for everyone; that they grow strong of heart and that they may give happily, laugh deeply and find joy.

On her last outing with my mother before she passed, my mother bought me some yardage and said "do something with this." And so I did.

I am so happy you took the time to stop by!
In Kindness,