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2 months

New gothic ornaments I made.These are the only ones I have and the bat one is already sold. Find me on fb and IG under Ugly Shyla

2 months

Discount code!!!! Which is good for all orders over 20.00.The code is good till cyber monday. @uglyshyla

2 months

New doll I just listed up.Girl in blue velvet.

4 months

Lots of new jewelry just listed up on my etsy shop today.

7 months

Brand new jewelry on my etsy shop. Find me on social media under Ugly Shyla

8 months

I have listed a lot of new doll themed jewelry. Find me on instagram @UglyShyla and face book under Ugly Shyla

1 year

Small biz sat - cyber monday discount code. Use the code UGLYETSY2016 for 20% off all orders of 25.00 or more. The code is valid till 11/29/2016 Happy Holliday's from Ugly Shyla!!!

1 year

New moth doll. Moths are said to be the souls of children who have passed. Make sure to follow me on social media for more updates. I'm on most social media under UGLYSHYLA

1 year

I just made a few new "attract the right mate" amulet charm necklaces.If you guys aren't following me on Instagram,feel free to follow me I'm @UglyShyla on there.