uhreusable's Shop Announcement


Here at Urban Harmonie Design you will find Lunch Bags, Lunch Boxes, Snack Pouches, and Clutch Bags. All made from Laminated Cotton, an Elastic Loop and Vintage Buttons and a zipper.

The Laminated Cotton used in making the Lunch Bags and Snack Pouch Bags is:
*PVC Free
*Metal and Lead Free
*Chlorine Free
*Formaldehyde Free
*Phthalate Free
*BPA Free

The Pro Care Barrier Fabric used to line the Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes is:
*Phthalate Free
*BPA Free

INSULATION is 100% natural cotton made without GLUES or RESINS. Certified Food Safe.

The Ripstop Nylon used to line the Snack Pouch Bags is;
*Approved Food Safe
*Water Resistant

These bags are made with quality materials and are durable. With care, these bags can be used again and again.

How to clean laminated cotton/pro care/ripstop nylon;

Make it simple and wash when doing your dishes using a warm soapy cloth, wipe clean. Turn inside-out to get the crumbs from the corners.
Or Hand Wash and Hang Dry.


***Note: International Buyers, Shipping Rate is Flat 18USD for Lunch Bags any remainder will be refunded via Paypal***