undertheroot's Shop Announcement

Hello and Welcome, Pixies and Goddess Peoples of the Planet!
We are here with an underpinning groundwork to a conscious, wakeful culture. The designs are hand structured lingerie, loungerie and boudoir accessories. Each design and entire process utilizes industrial hemp, organic cottons, sustainable, upcycled, reclaimed and many times vintage materials because... a kiss is not a kiss without it stopping time.

If you clicked on the more... button then if I had my wish, a hundred butterflies and starlights will float through your immediate vicinity, right about... now.
Truly, thank you and a giant curtsey from me to you for your cat-like curiosity into what we are conjuring underneath the spidery web of rooted tendrils. We are making things, kissing and hugging a lot, plus serious about body movers in their underthings.. no matter what age, stage, or time.. these moments surely say to spin circles, laugh, cry if you must, embrace a tree, hell, plant one.. you have my cheers to do this in your undergear.

Under The Root is in the midst of, much needed, heavy duty redesign, restructure, and overhaul of materials paired with unique designs. It continues to be a beloved goal for offering one of the most sustainable, ethical works in the lingerie industry. There is a launch happening at the beginnings of 2015, our materials for the designs will be converted to a domestically produced, including fair trade, hemp and organic cotton jersey blend. The color palette options are hand dyed using low impact, fiber reactive dyes.

My time spent with Under The Root has been cherished tremendously and I have worked with some of the most magnificent souls, such as you.
Thank you, from the forest of my heart, thank you. I hope you will continue to peek in and support our work with the slow fashion, undergear evolution. Please receive this starlight when I say that this is all because of you.

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