unionmaide's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop!

I am a founding and active member of the Etsy team, Craftivism!

Check out more work by the Craftivism Team, changing the world one handcrafted item at a time. Click on this link to see the next shop in our chain: http://www.poise.etsy.com

We are a group of Etsyans who want to meld the world of craft/art and political activism--or who just like to exist in both of those worlds! Join us in building this exciting new team.

I am donating two dollars from the sale of every SoapBox and Memorial Tee to two wonderful organizations. One dollar goes to American Friends Service Committee and the other dollar goes to Veterans for Veterans. Take a look at their websites to see the inspiring and great work they are doing with/for veterans and war refugees.

I feel strongly that anyone of any size should be able to dress fashionably, so if your size is not represented here please let me know and I can usually make up one in your size (or I may have it in stock).

The name of my shop, "UnionMaide" comes from the song "Union Maid" written by Woody Guthrie in the 1940's. Click on my profile to read more about the origin of the name of my shop.

My shop will feature altered clothing pieces, as well as my line of "SoapBox Tees" and "Memorial Tees." "Soapbox Tees" are tees that like to speak their mind about the world, politics, war and peace. "Memorial Tees" are tees that memorialize those who have died in the Iraq war. Names are taken from published accounts of the deaths of American servicemen and women, as well as those of Iraqi civilians. By wearing their names we can remind others that war comes at a very great cost.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Etsy, my tees are now being worn in: Austalia, Texas, Oregon, Alaska, Arkansas, California, New York, Virginia, Colorado, California, California, California, Vermont, Canada, and Georgia. Help this list grow by purchasing one of my tees, and along the way, maybe we can talk some sense into our maddening world!