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I believe, that handmade...one-of-a-kind jewelry is an extension of your personal trait. As a reflection of your own character, plus knowing no one else has that piece.

I have been creating jewelry most of my life in one form or another…it is one of my passions.


My beaded work, I love exploring different methods, styles and techniques to create innovative pieces. I use elements from all over the world of interest and of the highest quality.


I also create jewelry and accessories using the art form called "Decoupage" ... applying paper using multiple techniques on a surface with glue, sanding and sealer to create various forms of art. The final outcome ... a smooth, hard satin finish. Over the years I have used the traditional, old school techniques, and thrilled to develop my own, both new and old, which I have used in wall murals, furniture, tiles, and an array of other surfaces.

As the guru of decoupage, Hiram Manning quoted ... "Yes, decoupage requires craft. The finished result can be no better than any one of its many stages. First, it must be beautifully designed, in harmony with the shape and quality of the piece, or object, it's done on; subsequently, it must be beautifully colored, cut, glued, varnished and finished, until the interplay between these various stages produces a glowing, completed entity. Then you'll have a work of art."

This is my goal in each piece I create ... a piece that you will enjoy for many years to come.

In the last decade, I have transferred all my decoupage experience to jewelry and fashion accessories...but I am thrilled to announce that I started creating furniture and accessories once again in my new section: Home Decor and More.

I incorporate hand-painting techniques and other innovative approaches, so make sure to read each listing…I will indicate which approach and techniques I used for each piece.

I consider all my jewelry, home decor and hair accessories a “Work of Art" (I hope you do too) each one is done with a lot of love, detail and time.

If you have any questions or requests, please, I would love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy ALL my work. Please visit regularly.

CUSTOM WORK WELCOMED.......thank you for visiting!

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