unpetitairde's Shop Announcement

The art of remembering & celebrating happy moments of life
Creation of personalized bags and gifts
Limited production & Unique pieces

Hello and welcome in my shop,

So that our most precious memories keep on flitting about
in our hearts,

"Un Petit Air de ..."

presents these fleeting moments of happiness
through playful and graphic creations.

Take a little break of sweetness in my world
and discover the collections of bags
dedicated to all these magic and unique moments.

Bags according to your moods, your desires :
Sober, classic, colorful or punchy...

Delightful and charming bags
with this 'je ne sais quoi"!
Soothing bags

Bags which you can slip your secrets,
your joys and your sorrows.

"for you, just you, nobody else but you"