Lampwork Glass Jewelry, Hearts, Roses, Blown Sculpture

Creating a Cobalt Blue Rose
Some of my Boro glass colored rods.
Gravity helps to make a Heart.
Some Glass rods
Finishing up a Native Horse

No limits with fire and little passion

No limits with fire and little passion

I've always been creative, played with several different mediums over the years. I was doing stained glass, when on an unexplainable strong impulse I purchased a torch to try my hand at hot glass work. I instantly fell in love.

There is an element of magic to glass. The fire sings, the glass flowing, the singeing of the heat, the passionate colors and the element of suprise to it all. There is no fighting glass, for it will always win. Have to just accept the chaos; grin, love it and it will love you back.

I'm self taught, lot of trial and error. I have photos of some of the very first things I've made. My first glass rose for example. It's fun to see how far along I've come.

In a few years I would like to open up a teaching studio and share the magic of Boro glass with anyone ...with that impulse to play.

Everything in my shop is from small American businesses and 100% American Made: the glass I use, the tools, the kiln, the torch, everything. I went out of my way to make sure I could say with confidence. I'm not a kinda American assembled company, a some what american artist. Your one purchase contributes to 7 to 12 small American companies.

As long as my fire is burning, life will be good. :)
HelloI'm Breanna, I am a boro glass artist. I see a little bit of magic in glass, the shimmer, colors and reflections. I just want to share that with the world.

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