upnorthstones' Shop Announcement

It is a pleasure sharing my finds with you. "They are all beautiful" is a comment heard often as my husband and I stroll along Lake Michigan's shores. Each stone is as individual as you or I are and each one tells its own story. Each one is indeed beautiful.

Look deeply into each swirl, into each chamber, and you will see small miracles. You will see ancient fragments of Michigan. You will see miniscule fossils that once covered our great state. My hope is that you will enjoy creating with each piece.

All polished stones are tumbled for a short time to smooth any rough edges, then each one is hand buffed to bring out a satin shine. I often use Renaissance Wax as a polishing medium, and I also use a compound called ZAP. Most stones that I offer cannot be tumbled to a full shine, as they are too soft and would crumble if left in a tumbler.

You will also find here, nature inspired jewelry. Each stone is carefully selected and mixed with earthy materials to form a piece that you will cherish for years to come.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.