uptomuch's Shop Announcement

Up To Much is a very small British company (just me, on my own) all about intriguing design, made on-demand or in very small volumes using the democratising power of modern industrial magic!

I have some drawings, original Polargraphs drawn using my own home-built drawing robot (google polargraph for my site). They aren't copies or prints, just ink, from a pen, on the page.

Some screen prints are in amongst my new work, a series of "Circuit Portraits" that have sold very well - big news regarding this in 2014.

All of my jewellery is 3D printed by a professional manufacturer (Shapeways usually) using some pretty sophisticated industrial gear - I make the designs and finish or pack them by hand, including dyeing any colour you like for the nylon pieces.

Follow my development (and everything else) blog at and drop me an email at sn [?at] if you like anything you see.