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PLEASE HELP ME GET THE WORD OUT! I need your help to spread the word. Recently I've been contacted from customers and followers on social media about my items being knocked off by cheap Asian copycats that are even using my images! Luckily, I've been able to shut them down. Please think about buying from the original designer of unique items before settling on a cheap import. It's not alright to have your ideas stolen. If you can help to use social media to get the word out and post it on Facebook or Twitter I will give you a 10%t discount on your next item! Just send me the link. Take pictures of yourself and post them on Instagram and Pinterest! This can happen to anyone - work hard long hours only to have someone capitalize on your work! You can go to my about page and you can see how I personally make my items.

Read my reviews and see what my customers say about my items and my shop. I have great designs and extremely fast shipping! Support the original American designed and American made. Don't let a cheap price fool you - if it's to cheap to be true, then it's too cheap! Anyone can copy an idea, only one can be the original.


Where noted, many of items are made in the USA. I make the model and production molds myself and use materials from local suppliers.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to have new and exciting items for you to browse and if you like them enough - buy them!

Discount alert - if you want me to email you discounts, convo me with your email. I do not share email addresses and will only email discount offers and codes from time to time - not everyday!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.