vacialanevera's Shop Announcement

Designer Contemporary jewelry are all handmade at my studio in Spain with different textures and finishes in silver, gold, brass or bronze, Sleek modern wedding rings, flashy earrings, Rings,necklaces and bracelets. Ceramic jewelry. Unique and exclusive pieces.
All the designs of " Vacía la Nevera " are carefully packed in beautiful small boxes, perfect for a present.
If you are thinking to make a gift and would like to include a note with a nice phrase ... please send me a text message and I will do it for you ♥

If you like any of my designs but you want it in another color, size or material , please send me a message with your requests and we'll find, together, the perfect design for you.
If you have a shop (on- line or physical store) and you are interested in our designs, please contact me . I offer very good conditions and prices for.

You can learn more about me:

VACÍA LA NEVERA (empty the fridge)
A creative jewelry brand, dedicated to all people who, by treating themself with a beautiful accessory, have occasionally "THE FRIDGE... EMPTY".