valentinabrostean's Shop Announcement

If you are looking for something very original, little darky but also very sweet , strong and effective , beautiful and ugly at the same time - you came on a right place. Art that i am making is full of mystery with a touch of everyday marks of reality , a bit of innocence with a touch of darkness - as life itself. My characters live their lives transfered from their natural environment into my beloved dreamy far away worlds, especially created for them. Combining reality and fantasy i am telling a stories ancient as life itself, stories about love, friendship, faith, courage, beliefs, ideals, much as a broken hearts, betrayal, loneliness, fear...all mixed together represent a bitter, yet sweetly coated fairytale of a modern life...

Whether you live in Europe or anywhere else in the world, this delightful prints and artworks would make a great added value to anyone's art collection and could be a fantastic gift either for children or adults!

You can discover more about Valentina Brostean's work at her website or fb page