Felted companion dolls, brooch, hat, scarf.

Kyiv City, Ukraine

Announcement    Very soon I will start teaching new things. And what will it be? Beautiful, warm winter hats! But you have never seen such! Owl hats and hair caps are waiting for you! A few more days and you will meet!


Last updated on Sep 6, 2020

Very soon I will start teaching new things. And what will it be? Beautiful, warm winter hats! But you have never seen such! Owl hats and hair caps are waiting for you! A few more days and you will meet!


Valentyna Kostetska

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Valentyna Kostetska

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Myself and my business.

I am a dreamer and a traveler. Most of all in the world I love the differences between countries and people, a kaleidoscope of impressions and feelings.
I grew up in nature, among domestic animals, cherry orchards and rivers. Though we did not travel. So I was reading books, dreaming of traveling to real countries and inventing imaginary worlds, with creatures that lived only in my flights of fancy.
I have been creating clothes and accessories for customers from all over the world for 12 years. My coats, jackets, skirts and scarves with hats are worn from New Zealand to Canada. Customers are always satisfied with the products, like I am pleased with my customers. WE all are the real connoisseurs of handmade products, their high quality, ideas and craftsmanship.
But the recent illness that led me to a melancholic mood pushed me to those dreams of fictional worlds and beings. I was inspired by the most painful thing a person can have - loneliness. I had no one to hug or to extend a warm hand of sincere feelings to. I came to the workshop and made a doll I could hug myself. A doll is a companion who can be with me anywhere, to travel, pose for a photo, get emotional with, and most importantly - to hug with its fragile hands. This is what saved me and became my main idea. There is always someone around who we can hug. Even if it is a Doll!
And with renewed enthusiasm and excitement I started to make such hug-dolls. They are made of natural sheep wool, with the addition of silk fibers and fabric. Throughout all these years I have bought the highest quality materials for my products to create only high quality and beautiful products. The wool comes to me from New Zealand, England and Italy, the silk from Uzbekistan. I have the best suppliers!
In my shop you can see dolls, scarves, hats and brooches. Light and high-quality products made of beautiful materials for bold, kind and interesting characters, those, who are in love with life and their dreams, and even more so in their realization!

Funny facts from my biography
I was born in a country with a centuries-old history and the most melodic language in the world. Since my childhood, I’ve learned to create something, and to find more information at the age of 5 years I started reading books. At the age of 8 years, I was sewing clothes for all my dolls, learning to ride a bicycle, skinning my knees, and enjoying my adored forests and river. To learn sewing professionally, I graduated from college and university cum laude. I was working in various positions in the area of clothing creation, printing and logistics. I made two jumps with a parachute. I was travelling to different countries on my own, going up mountains and swimming in seas, and all this time creating all sorts of handmade things.
12 years ago, I became acquainted with wool and fell in love with it. I was felting for days and sometimes nights. I got to know this material intimately. I was dancing oriental dances, playing in the theater, practicing yoga and I visited India, and all that time I learned about wool and silk. Things created by me came to be filmed for modern cinema. I’m continually falling more and more in love with wool.
Last year I made a coat with angel wings for myself and conquered Barcelona. Never before and nowhere else I have been photographed so much as with my wings! They flew around Europe and became a real hit of my wardrobe after a hat with horns. It is on my profile picture!

My studio and creating things
I work in a cozy studio on the 25th floor. From my window you can see the forest and the sky. I ride my bike to the studio, get up and open the windows to greet the sun. I make coffee and anticipate the creation of new things. I take wool out of the shelves. I heat water. I dissolve soap. Or I prepare paints and dye wool and silk in different colors. Then I roll. This is hard physical work. I work all the time standing at a high table. My hands are constantly in the water and soap, but I work with gloves. The process itself reminds me that I do a hard wool massage. After a few hours comes fatigue but with the joy of the created product. Then I'm cleaning the studio. I hang wet films, towels and products and say goodbye to them until the next day. I am delighted with every stage of work because they are always new and different. I do not repeat things and this is what makes me interested in wool. It is multifaceted and provides endless opportunities for creativity!
Get acquainted with my things and give yourself warmth and comfort.

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